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December 4, 2015 / Fantelius

Isis – Marching Backwards Upside Down in the Wrong Direction

Confusing title? It’s supposed to be. It’s a metaphor about the Middle East.
The more “information” the media serves us, the more the confusion. Here’s a suggestion to make an about face, put us right side up and reverse our direction. Oh, one more thing, ditch the marching. We’re going to break-dance our way home.

Through the confusion comes a clear message, we must fight Isis (and bomb the population of any city they mark as their territory.)
Why? Because they are terrorists, they kill people, cut their heads off, and want to come here and rule us.

Yes, they kill people. It’s a war, Dorothy, that’s what wars do. They can’t possibly kill anywhere near the 1.000.000+ Iraqis* that we killed first—we started the war—but as our Israeli friends say, “We have a right to defend ourselves.”

*Isis is predominantly Iraqis, almost all Sunnis. We have also killed or supported the killing of hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Israel/Palestine.

Even if we assume that they do cut off heads, there’s no way they are going to catch up to our good friends, the reigning World Masters of Decapitation, the Saudis. 80 people a year lose their heads at the public executions in Chop Chop Square in Riyadh.

Counting the number executed and not the method, we also trail behind the Saudis injecting to death a mere 35 people a year. Should we however include the executions of unarmed (mostly dark) people by police, the US of A could lead Saudi A by a good margin.

As far as coming here to rule us, that’s a bit of a stretch for my imagination. They ain’t got no boats and they ain’t got no planes. Yes, they could get here anyway and I agree that it would be horrible if we were ruled by terrorists.

They’d probably force us to work for wages we couldn’t survive on. So much of our taxes would go to the military that we couldn’t maintain our infrastructure. They’d undoubtedly spy on us with cameras everywhere, read our communications and track our spending habits and what we read. Truth-tellers would be persecuted and imprisoned. They’d even take our money and give it to rich criminal bankers. We’d dread getting sick because the treatments would be doubtful and the costs would ruin us. More of our veterans would be dying of suicide than killed in battle because of the cocktails of drugs they’d be prescribed. The people in charge would be so corrupt that corruption would be legal. They’d call it lobbying or something like that. A tiny tiny tiny portion of the people would have just about all of the money and resources and live in vulgar opulence while millions where homeless, hungry and destitute. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they treated nature as though it were some expendable commodity, aggravate the environment with fever and threaten the future of humanity.

I agree with you completely, Dorothy. We should definitely fight with every means available to keep from being ruled by terrorists. That would demand going forward, with heads held high in the right direction. And we’d have to be strong, inventive, full of surprises and inspiring as a break-dance to break the structure of power that keeps us terrorized.



“Dracula was a nobleman, a Count.
Today’s vampires wear modern titles,
prefer mansions to castles
still dress elegantly,
still project sophistication
and are still common bloodsuckers.”
Dartwill Aquila




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