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December 6, 2015 / Fantelius

Creative Kids Leading Childish Adults

I clicked through the WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT, looked at the “sickening and shocking” video/pictures, and laughed. It brought me back to my childhood. This is the stuff we used to come up with. Like all kids we were triggered by the frightening, the gruesome and the nightmarish. We entertained each other with spine-chilling fantasies of death and torture. Fascination with the scary stretches far beyond childhood as witnessed by the popularity of horror and thriller films.

The long title of the article before the WARNING text promised “Death by explosive necklace, rocket launcher, or obliterated at sea: ISIS release a series of sickening execution videos from war-torn Yemen filmed in just 24 hours.”

I suspect that this Daily Mail article was scripted by kids working for the CIA. We are told and shown how 6 men were blown up in a boat, 6 blasted by a rocket launcher, 4 exploded by mortars tied around their necks, and 9 beheaded with knives. The boat, rocket launcher and mortars were set off by remote control. The beheadings were of course a hands-on affair.

Great fun! Oh come on, lighten up! This is as serious as a slapstick comedy from the silent film era. We don’t actually see anyone killed and we don’t even have to analyze the pictures. Just ask Why? These ISIS bogeymen have supposedly just “infiltrated Yemen during the country’s brutal civil war.” Planes, helicopters, satellites and enemy forces are hunting them. Yet they leisurely conduct elaborate, time and resource consuming executions. And they brought costumes with them. Look at the following picture! Everyone is wearing spotless, wrinkle-free, just-out-of-the-box clothes. The new creases are still in them.


Here are the 4 men with mortar necklaces. Their hands and feet are tied. Tying them together with one mortar in the middle would have been cruel, I guess … as would going to eternity without new designer jumpsuits.


I can understand a Daily Mail reader falling for this childish propaganda. The Daily Mail is 48% ads, 46% celebrity gossip and 22% sensations. (Some of the ads and gossip are also sensational.) I can’t however imagine that normal people haven’t realized that all of the Isis-bogeyman videos stem from the minds of kids and are shot at the studios and sets of psyops.



“I’m glad I’m me
because if I were someone else
I wouldn’t stick around.”
Dartwill Aquila




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