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December 9, 2015 / Fantelius

Apartheid Saints and Holy War Criminals


Did you hear about the Israeli Apartheid Week in South Africa? No. I didn’t think so. It was in March of this year. The western media didn’t think it newsworthy to mention that the children and grandchildren of the heroes of South Africa’s struggle against apartheid stated that “the Palestinians, are currently going through what we South Africans experienced – indeed, as our former President has said, even worse.”

How about the Russell Tribunal on Gaza last September? Not that either. Hmmm. The western media seems to have missed that as well. One of the witnesses, David Sheen, an Israeli journalist, walks us through the dark racist mind of typical Israelis who sound like western intellectuals speaking of Isis.

These western intellectuals/progressives/leftists not only sing in the same choir of Isis vilifiers as Ben Carson (rabid dogs) and Donald Trump (insane animals), but are louder and shriller: The Saker (crazed lunatics, liver-eating sociopaths), Alan Hart (perverted and barbaric), Jürgen Todenhöfer (death lovers) and even William Blum (the most disgusting collection of supposed humans in all of history).

The examples just given are recent. Thousands of others have cluttered the arteries of communication since the Caliphate State was declared 18 months ago. I used “even” when naming William Blum because I have supported him and can still highly recommend his blog The Anti-Empire Report or any of his five books. He’s one of the best critics of the American empire, yet here he spits disgusting Nazi-grade racial prejudice. “Supposed humans!” If they are not real humans, the “good-guys” with hi-tech super weapons can mercilessly bomb a city the “sub-humans” control even if it kills 10s of 1000s of women, children, grandparents, lovers, teachers and story-tellers. Hasn’t Bill “Anti-empire” Blum seen this script before?

Let’s assume that Isis fighters are nasty humans, bad-assed cutthroats, etc. What about the western nasty humans? What has been said about the main criminals in the world, the liars (weapons of mass destruction) who started a war of aggression (the greatest of all crimes) against the people of Iraq? The commentators who now scream horrible labels at the victims of the war criminals find no such words for the criminals themselves.

We are served a smorgasbord of shocking stories about the Iraqis who are resisting further occupation and suppression. Most of the stories originate from the lying war criminals. Nothing however can match the savagery or the destruction of the invading forces. In the first three weeks of the war between 1000 and 2000 tons of depleted uranium (DU) were used as part of the shock-and-awe tactic aimed explicitly at demonstrating such awesome firepower and shocking destruction that the population would be terrorized into submission. None of the shock-an-awe proponents were called vicious, barbaric, crazed, sociopaths, disgusting or any of the other terms reserved for the victims of these hell-firing brutes.

DU weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction that have been condemned or called to be banned by The UN Subcommission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, the Council of Europe, The European Parliament and several countries. These weapons spread a poisonous radioactive dust into the environment. FOREVER. They were used extensively in Fallujah that is now the leukemia capital of the world as well as the epicenter of deformed babies, grotesquely deformed babies. As early as 1996 the UN Subcommission “Affirmed that weapons of mass destruction and, in particular, nuclear weapons should have no role to play in international relations and thus should be eliminated”  and urged all states … “to curb production and spread of … weaponry containing depleted uranium.”

The commentators of the west continue to fire horrible and degrading words at the people poisoned with leukemia and who have seen their wives, sisters and mothers give birth to uranium deformed babies, but have nothing say about the poisoners and deformers.

Have any of these commentators ever used words such as perverted and barbaric to describe the Zionist leaders enforcing Apartheid worse than that suffered by the South Africans? The masters of the North Atlantic Empire seem to have a protective force preventing intellectuals of the Empire from using impolite words. Not even Mad Maddy Not So-bright (Madelaine Albright) saying that the deaths of a half million children was worth the price to weaken Iraq got so much as a naughty attached to her name.

Attaching a name to the western intellectuals/progressives/leftists who vilify the victims and slap the wrists of the weapon-peddling war criminals with politically correct criticism is easy. They’re hypocrites.



“If you want evil, just travel to Washington where it is disgustingly displayed everyday in Congress. Degenerate, demented, monstrous, corrupt, immoral and unethical, these symbols of souls yearning for Hell hold sway in an august chamber that would have made Nero proud.”
Archie1954 commenting on an interview with one of the surviving staff of the bombed MSF hospital in Kunduz.





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  1. sayedhusaini / Dec 10 2015 1:56 am

    Reblogged this on muneebhusaini.

  2. Bosse Bergkvist / Dec 9 2015 8:00 pm

    In reply to your ire. No other word I can think of describes today’s post here. In reply…

    This morning I decided to write to you just to say thanks and congratulations for the long piece of human history, BTK, that I’m now reading in class: thank you and congratulations!


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