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April 4, 2016 / Fantelius

Wavok Looks at Paul Craig Roberts


The main figure in this photo stands out clearer the further back one stands. But this is not Wavok, Close inspection will reveal dozen of faces in this picture, but Wavok is in a class for himself. Just to the right in the middle of the picture an eye can be attributed to three different figures; a hawk to the right with the right eye; a rabbit looking back to the left, and to the eye of the main figure itself, Wavok, who is facing left but also looking backwards. A fourth figure takes form if we imagine that the eye belongs to a face looking straight ahead to the right of the picture with a mouth on the same level as the one on the face behind him. This then becomes a semi-cubist surrealistic Janus facing in two directions but looking in one.


Janus Wavok, both faces, loves Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. He’s been a hero for quite some time. It was therefor astonishing to read the conclusion in PCR’s latest blog, Jobs Report Blues, Institute for Political Economy, 2016/04/02,

In short, corporations maximized short-run profits by ruining their domestic consumer market along with the personal income and sales tax base for government. It is unclear that this extraordinary mistake can be unwound.

??? Doesn’t PCR know what structural theft looks like? The corporations didn’t “maximize profits” by mistake. They prey on any consumer in their hunt for profits. No “mistake.” It’s not personal, it’s pathological. Money first. The monumental theft imbedded in the strip-the-people-of-their-resources-and-make-a-few-people-super-rich policy is anything but a “mistake”. No more a mistake than poisoning the children of Flint, or speading collaterally damaged body parts of kids and grandmas around bombs sites where a suspected militant was suspected of being.

These no-mistake structural crimes are more than profitable operations, they are the theme of all operations in general, the modus operandi of the status quo; the prevailing order; business as usual.

Dr. Paul, are you OK?



“They tell us to follow the money
but don’t tell us about the shit we must walk through
along the trail.”
Dartwill Aquila




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