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April 7, 2016 / Fantelius

Humor for Twisted Minds


”Hi there! Looking for a copper time?”
asked the green statue of an ancient young lady.
Humor for those with twisted minds.
The straight minds won’t get it.
The straight minds seldom do.
There’s nothing to get.
There’s a lot to do.
As any twisted mind can tell you,
”The path is never straight.”

— Dartwill Aquila


This is a two-finger lady. If she puts down the one welcoming pointing finger, she will raise the middle finger in a fuck-off gesture. You didn’t imagine that this was an indiscriminate lady? This lady is solid. The word solid is an ancient sibling with the words truth and trust. That which is solid (like the wood for the fire we gathered round every day for more than a million years) is dependable, trustworthy and true. The source of all these words was the word for wood in all the Indo-European languages. The wood of the earth has nourished us for millions of years. We lived in its branches for 65 million years and have used it to build with and burn for two million years. How are we treating the earth’s trees today? Which finger?

— Fantelius

The Birch and the Pine

You are so different.
You, light Birch. You, dark Pine
How differently you dress to nature’s demands.
You, evergreen Pine.
You, summer green, fall yellow Birch.

How differently you thank necessity.
You form yourself to a symphony, Birch.
You, Pine, to a drama.

How differently you praise the sun.
You, Pine, send your pointed needles
right out in exhilaration.
You, Birch, bend your branches
and bow all your soft leaves in reverence.

You are completely different, completely independent
and totally equal.
You share the same warmth and cold,
the same water and wind.
You embrace each other’s roots in the same earth.

You, tough Pine. You, solid Birch.
Two lungs that purify the air.
Two dancers to the rhythm of the wind.
Two hands holding the earth in place.
Two pillars holding up heaven.

You, beautiful Birch. You, magnificent Pine.
You’re so much alike.

— Joel Miller





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