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April 24, 2016 / Fantelius

Daughters of the Wind


Wood Anemone have invaded the forests with beauty, fragrance, purity and innocence. The word anemone comes from Greek meaning “daughter of the wind.”
Daughter of the wind, indeed. These small flowers drive the Swedes crazy. They smile at strangers and say Hello. They’re actually saying, ”Spring is definitely here. Praise be to life. Hallelujah!”

I wonder if the billionaires enjoy their billions as much as the people enjoy the billions of the wind’s daughters?

The anemones don’t care if you enjoy them or not. They’re here to capture the rays of the sun before the leaves of the trees grabs them all. The anemones also prepare the forest soil to nourish the other inhabitants of the forest, trees included.

The ones in the picture above have gathered round a fallen pine, to give comfort and apologize for the fury of their mother.

The fury of the mother! Nature has no fury like that caused by the greed of humanity. The fury is building. Humanity will eventually be felled like poorly rooted trees in a hurricane. But don’t worry, the daughters of the wind will help make the forests thicker, just as other small and innocence elements will make the oceans livelier, the skies clearer and the earth richer.

Sun, water and earth also have children.




“A storm is a natural blow job.”
Dartwill Aquila




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