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April 26, 2016 / Fantelius

Flames of Progressive Racism

CopperHeart8656Peter Koenig’s article The Collapse Of The Western Fiat Monetary System May Have Begun (2016-04-24) deals with the game-changing (game-ending?) economic trends in the world.
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One aspect of Peter’s writing needs serious consideration because it is all too prevalent, (and all too racist, and all too wrong) among ”progressive” commentators.

we are all uninformed as long as we listen to and believe in the mainstream media – which are controlled by six Anglo-Zionist media giants, feeding the western public with 90% of the information, the so-called ‘news’ that we consume so eagerly every day; the barrage of lies that repeat themselves in every western country every hour on the hour – and, thus, become the truth. Period.

Why ”six Anglo-Zionist media giants”? What is an Anglo-Zionist? I don’t know, but more importantly, so what? How does the nationality, religion or ideological orientation of the corporate rulers influence company stategy? Do ”Anglo-Zionist” corporations operate differently from other corporations? Of course not. Rupert Murdoch owns the second largest media conglomerate. Why does Koenig include this English-Scottish-Irish-Chistian-billionaire among the Anglo-Zionists?

Consciously or not, Peter Koenig, like all too many of his peers, muddies the water by mixing religion/nationality with politics/economy. It’s a corporate ruled world, Dorothy, whether the board members prefer cats to dogs merits zero consideration. It’s a diversion.

If you came across an article mentioning the Yankee-Christian Microsoft or the Agnostic-Presbyterian Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) you’d probably drop your iPad. But slap an Anglo-Zionist label on any company, bank or organization and witness a nod of agreement as the typical reaction.

Koenig also speaks of ”the western Zionist banking czars”. Who is he talking about?

Greek Orthodox, Jamie Dimon is Chairman, President & CEO of JPMorgan, USA’s largest bank.
Roman Catholic Brian Moynihan CEOs Bank of America. (Nr. 2 in USA)
Catholic John G. Stumpf is Chairman & CEO of Wells Fargo & Co. (Nr. 8) John is also on the board of The Clearing House, Financial Services Roundtable, Target Corporation and the Chevron Corporation. Sounds rather czary. Where’s the Zionist part?

Look at any ”Anglo” big bank’s board of directors such as TD Bank U.S. Holding Co.(10th largest bank in USA, CEO Michael Pedersen), and find board members with names such as Sergio P. Ermotti, Antonio Horta-Osorio and Huiyu. Zionists?

Put up or shut up Peter Koenig! Who are these Zionist banking czars who you imply run world finance?

It’s a corporate ruled world, Dorothy and profits have no religion, but religion and progressive racists can buffer that reality.



“Corporations + government = fascism.
That’s a definition, not an opinion.”
Dartwill Aquila




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  1. Whitney / Jun 19 2022 3:28 pm

    Loved reading thiis thanks

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