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May 21, 2016 / Fantelius

Hitler – Unfortunately

Hitler was a vegetarian.
It couldn’t be seen.
No more than his passionate hate could be seen
by the mustache he borrowed
from Charlie Chaplin.

Hitler was a student of the arts.
He took history seriously
and knew the Greek roots of the swastika.
Yet he could talk to the people
in the people’s tongue
and to the powerful in terms of power.

He was quite talented.
Or did you believe that he was elected by chance?
Or that he organized and equipped a nation
on his charisma?
Or that the fruit of success
springs from a faulty flower?
The man was obviously talented.
He achieved a place of honor
in Mass Murderers’ Hall of Fame.

He could love as well.
He fell in love with Eva to the music of Bach
and the rhythm of unwritten popular tunes.
He treated her tenderly
and cried secrets on her bosom
that his generals never dreamed of.

On top of all that he was intelligent.
Very intelligent.
Don’t try to remake the key of intelligence
in order to lock him out.
You’ll only lock yourself in.
Don’t imprison your logic in a cell of wishes!
The man was intelligent – unfortunately.

Unfortunately intelligence need not court morality.
Cain’s IQ was equal that of Abel’s.
Unfortunately foolishness unites easily with intelligence.
Brutus was the choice of Caesar.
Unfortunately our enemies are both talented and intelligent.
How easy it would otherwise be.

If you make a monster of your enemy
you won’t even notice him
before his fangs are on your throat.



“You own no responsibility for the past,
and cannot decline your heritage of the future.”
Dartwill Aquila

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  1. Anonymous / May 21 2016 6:44 am

    The winner writes the history

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