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June 30, 2016 / Fantelius

The Art of Weaponless War


War is a great and complicated enterprise that includes economic, political, military, cultural, ideological, psychological and diplomatic components connected and coordinated with communications and logistics. Soldiers, for instance, must be recruited, trained, clothed, fed, housed, equipped, transported, organized, commanded and paid. Soldiers spend a tiny percentage of their military lives fighting, that is to say, in armed conflict. When war is considered in its entirety, the military aspect, the armed conflict part of the whole, accounts for a minor portion. That minor portion has an enormous and terrible effect, but it can be defeated by eliminating the components. Basic tactics of war involve attacking the components of the enterprise.

  • Captain Kate speaking in The Holy & Captain K by Joel/BenTarZ


A Basic strategy of all wars aims at weakening the enemy and strengthening one’s own forces. Sap the enemy’s strength and build our own.

The rulers of today’s world use corporate power to enhance their wealth and control. We can sap the strength of the rulers by denying them access to our resources wherever possible. Avoid buying their products and services wherever possible. Do not buy their beverages! Drink water! Do not eat in their junk restaurants! Do not shop in their megastores that exploit their workers! Wherever possible refrain from giving the rulers your money by buying their products. Wherever possible.

When the Beatles sang ”All you need is love” they were referring to the fashion industry. Dress however you want in whatever you can get your hands on. All you need is love. It fits anyone and never goes out of fashion. If you can’t manage to love, start with respect and work your way up.

Media products from corporations will harden the arteries of your intellect. Avoid them. Educate each other.

Help each other. Fuck the corporations. Sap their strength. Wherever possible.



“The election circus employs a club of clowns
to entertain a flock of fools.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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  1. camelien / Jun 30 2016 11:14 am

    Oil barons and weapons dealers have been the only winners in any war; oh, and complicit ‘banks’ that fund both sides of international conflicts, of course. Armed forces are used as pawns in their orgy of masterful aggressive ‘chessboard like’ fashion advancing divisions among folk while conquering perceived foes, splitting myriad countries’ citizens’ loyalty from their own sovereignty and each other in the face of ruthless Empirical forces excusing all in the name of “special interests.”

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