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August 11, 2016 / Fantelius

Vote For Clownier Clowns!


The election circus must be admired for its tenacious persistency.
Like a tyrannosaurus bulldog it bites into the public
bleeds them of reason
promotes the illusion of democracy
diverts from significant events
deteriorates chances of improving the lives of the citizens.

The circus has clowns instead of gladiators.
Extraordinary clowns.
They’re not funny and they don’t kill each other.
They kill the public,
kill their dignity, knowledge and possibilities.

The script was written years ago.
The outcome is as certain as the last chapter of a book.
It’s a show, a tragic non-comic farce.
It means nothing. NOTHING.
The rulers,
driven by their greed,
will continue their policy of conquest and control
regardless of who is ”chosen”
to administrate their dictates.
But such is the pull of the election storm
it sucks otherwise intelligent people into its vortex,
dizzies them
and has them screaming nonsense about nothing
into the wind.
Vote! is all they have to say.

Vote! Play your part in the prevailing order. Vote!
Vote and prove your obedience to the status quo!
Vote and prove your ignorance of social, political and economic realities!
Vote and show the rulers they have nothing to fear!
Vote! Demonstrate your subservience!
Vote! Illustrate the consolidation of your indoctrination!
Vote and feel free to whine as much as you like!
Vote and indulge in as much decadence as you can swallow!
Vote and solidify the fixation of your frustration!
Vote, just as you’ve done time and time again,
and experienced how things have gotten worse and worse,
the rulers have grown richer and richer
the voters poorer and poorer
the environment dirtier, angrier and hotter
the conflicts broader and bloodier
with hate growing deeper and darker
again and again
and tell yourself that this time it will be different
because this time
the circus is showier and the clowns are clownier.



“Obviously, the obvious isn’t always obvious.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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