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September 2, 2016 / Fantelius

The 1%’s Two Reasons for Elections


Why do the 1% spend so much time and money entertaining us with the election circus? Two reasons.

1. They must maintain the illusion of democracy and delude the citizens into believing that they can influence the course of events by voting.

Time and time again they switch the flavors, but serve the same junk. Nothing changes. The Humpties or the Dumpties win the right to receive lobby-bribe commands, the few super-rich get fewer and richer while more and more citizens become poorer and sicker, conditions grow worse, conflicts spread, millions migrate and the environment gets hotter and hotter regardless of which titled clown pretends to run the country.

2. They must demonstrate for their administrators, captains and puppets throughout the world that they have control over the people.

Fewer and fewer people take part in the show and don’t bother to vote. It’s embarrassing. The princes, presidents and power-dealers lose confidence in the capabilities of the rulers, and the people lose faith in the institutions governing them. The corporate commanders (the rulers, the 1%) are desperate to get the people to the voting boths. So the circus gets longer and longer, louder and louder and the clowns scarier and scarier. Vote for the little monster or the big monster will do terrible things.

Terrible things are going to happen, or rather will continue to happen, no matter who plays the part of the Chief Clown with a crown.


BTW, have you noticed that the people who don’t vote don’t get noticed. The media-approved ”experts” never tire of speaking of the population as passive and dumb-downed. Yet two-thirds of the eligible voters avoid the polls the way they avoid dog-shit on the pavement. They do this actively because they know that ”Money talks and bullshit walks.” The flock of intelligentsia however haven’t caught on yet, and keep stepping in shit.


”Nothing that inhibits the light is sacred.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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