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September 22, 2016 / Fantelius

Adam and Eve Are Back


Adam tosses the apple (top/middle) and kisses Eve. The snake slithers away.

This story was told for hundreds of years in many different cultures before it got written down in the Bible. Our ancestors were trying to tell us something.

The highest and ruling authority promised to protect the people, a man and a woman, as long as they remained ignorant. The fruit of knowledge was forbidden.

A lowly creature convinced the woman to try a taste of knowledge and she got Adam to take a bite. Their first thoughts must have been sexy because they immediately tried to cover their nakedness. Their second thoughts made them run out of the garden to explore their first thoughts.

The authority was angry to be disobeyed and to lose their ignorant loyalty. He screamed after them about all the bad stuff life had in store for them, but they were already gone. He never mentioned the good stuff, but they were exploring one of them and would rather eat a snake than return.

There are millions of Adams & Eves in today’s world. They lead deadly boring lives spiced with meaningless entertainment. Their boredom is both guaranteed and protected by the ruling authorities who can count on their obedience as long as they remain ignorant. Their junk diet contains no fruits of knowledge and the snakes are too busy feasting on rats to bother talking to them.

Luckily, even snakes get bored.



“A good story kisses the imagination
and awakens its desire.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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