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September 24, 2016 / Fantelius

Reading the Propaganda of the Day


The media has been pounding us with election coverage for over a year. What are they trying to tell us. Nothing commands the media spotlight for this length of time unless the powers-that-be want it there. Connect the election circus to the second major media theme about Russia being a threat because of bad guy Putin and the message comes across clearly. We are going to war.

”We” are going to war. The people can choose to have Crazy Clinton or Terrible Trump on the war logo, but war it shall be. No other choice is available. One of the weirdo candidates will be blamed for making the decision, but once the war starts the people can be counted on to rally round the stars-and-stripes. It’s the same old ”For King and Fosterland”, but it works.

The US predictably demonizes the leaders who they are about to attack. Not because they are particularly bad, but because they must appear to be to justify the war. Gaddafi, who was portrayed as The Devil of the Day, was a saint compared to the White House vicious pet Netanyahu. Assad, another enemy, comes across as evil personified, but he’s far better than a lot of the scum floating in political waters around Washington, and compared to the leaders of Saudi Arabia butchering the poor people of Yemen with US support and weapons, he’s an honorable statesman.

The US can work with the major monsters in the world without spending a single negative word on them. Try to find an American, for example, who can name any leader of the head-chopping, women-suppressing and slaughtering Saudis. Those who don’t submit to the dictates of USA or threaten the economic interests of the giga-wealthy will be demonized and it wouldn’t matter if they were a modern day Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha.

”We” are going to war.



“If we can’t read propaganda, we are destined to swallow it.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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