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November 27, 2016 / Fantelius

Snowflakes of Truth on the Icy Lie


Nothing causes falls and broken bones like a thin layer of snow on an icy surface.

Reports of fake news, truth flakes, swirl around us. The election circus is over. The presidential burlesque begins, with rumors, speculations, blah blabla and talk of fake news. It’s a show, Dorothy. The whole thing is fake.

Nothing dances center stage on the mainstream media (msm) unless the powers-that-be want it to be there.

The msm defends and promotes the prevailing order which obeys the dictates of money. That’s the bottom line. The money-oriented trajectory of the ruling order determines all political projects regardless of the different administrators. If nature need be ravished and humanity sacrificed, so be it.

The communications falling like snowflakes hide the dangers under foot. The fake-news ”revelation” implies that the news in general isn’t fake while applying makeup to the new chief administrator. The show must go on.

If we step back and take a look at what is happening instead of listening to what they’re saying, we see a battle among the victims hiding the intrigues of the rulers. The citizens are more divided and antagonistic toward one another than ever before. The laughter of the rulers can’t be heard as they rearrange their vaults to accommodate even more money that impending tax breaks are about to bring. The people fight among themselves instead of uniting against the rulers who will continue to impoverish and endanger them all. And the world at large.

Fake news? How about no news? During an entire year of election coverage Israel (USA’s de facto 51st State) demolished, on an average of one a day, a Palestinian home to make room for an Israeli settler. No reason, no justification, no moral, no excuse. We are not talking about makeshift or temporary homes, but solid constructions housing ordinary people. How can a crime such as this go on day after day for a year while both fake and real news fail to mention it? Not only fail to mention it, but the candidates restate time and again their unflinching support for the regime responsible for this savagery. Now that the election is over and the burlesque show takes over the Zionists have begun tearing down entire villages in the south … while fake and real news seem not to notice.

This is but one of 1000s of examples of real no-news. The whole thing is fake. Nothing that exposes the vicious predatory nature of the ruling order gets into the msm. Except as a little notice exceptionally or despite the efforts of the rulers.

Watch out for the snowflakes! They can hide the icy dangers below.




“Many voices singing the same tune is not diversity,
it’s harmony
and can make an evil song sound pleasant
while drowning out the voices crying another tune.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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