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December 8, 2016 / Fantelius

Dumb Lies, Pro Lies & Lie Lies


Parallel with environmental fever and biological degradation runs intellectual decay.

Environmental fever. Biological degradation. Intellectual decay.

Heavy truths
in a world of big, little, soft, hard, white, gray, black, simple, complicated, ridiculous, official, new, old, vicious, comforting, deadly, helpful, ancient, trendy, academic, serious, funny, medical, conventional, political, economic, religious, racist, national, personal, public, pure, sacred, holy and professional lies. Among others. Particularly silent lies.

Lies surround us like fog.
The fog is also a lie. It’s really a diluted polluted smog, contaminated intellectual air. Another lie, a metaphorical lie. It’s not really air.
Ain’t nothing natural about it.

We, the people, are drenched in lies. Saturated with lies. Degraded by lies. Endangered by lies
in a storm of diversion with heavy winds of entertainment
and electrified bolts of sensational nothings.

Environmental fever – an unspoken truth hidden under the euphemistic lie ”global warming”.
Compare: The boy is ”warming”, his temperature is 39 degrees.

Biological degradation – another unspoken truth that would explain the explosive increase of many diseases, sicknesses and mental ailments caused by the billions of tons of harmful chemicals released into the environment by corporate products.

Intellectual decay – the general state of ignorance resulting from the persistent storms of lies and disinformation. This ignorance mixed with confusion and fear causes stupidity.

An example of mass stupidity

Week after week millions of people eat a thin piece of tasteless wafer dipped in cheap wine symbolizing the flesh and blood of a prophet who lived 2000 years ago. This is not the stupid part. There’s nothing wrong with symbolic ceremonies. The stupid part comes after, ”So what?” What’s the point? Where’s the discussion about how to act in today’s world, in our daily life, to honor to the teachings and promote the aspirations of the prophet? No discussion. Not before, during or after the mass. ”Swallow the tasteless soggy bite of wafer, sit down and shut up!”

Note: This year at least 80 000 people will cancel their membership in the Swedish church—as do many people in all countries with large Christian populations. A reaction to stupidity? Something is causing the bloodless organization to bleed members.

An example of professional lies

Paul C. (Trump-is-a-victory-for-the-working-class) Roberts constantly, DAILY, talks about how Trump has defeated the oligarchs. I wish someone would ask him if the Koch brothers are among the oligarchs. Roberts, who has been a Distinguished Fellow at their Cato Institute  never mentions these billionaires. His knowledge of what is good for the working class must be grounded in the major role he played in forming the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 under Reagan’s presidency. For this work which cut $150 billion in corporate taxes he was awarded the Treasury Department’s Meritorious Service Award for “outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.” How have the oligarchs been doing under US economic policy?

As a professional liar
(I assume that he is a liar because nobody can be so stupid to claim that the election of Trump is a victory for the working class.)
Roberts has been parading in progressive clothes criticizing the government, media lies, Israel, 9/11 and other ”progressive” issues. During the election circus he performed a lion task roaring approval of Trump. He’s still drumming up support for him as champion to fight the oligarchs. Progressive?

The Great Crippling Lie (GCL)

P.C. Roberts is an example of an intellectual warrior in the battle for control of the empire. This battle has no more concern for the people (the working class) than a knight has for the shit of his horse. It’s a battle among the ruling players, involving think tanks, charities, political parties, university departments, institutions, trolls, net sites, elections, lobbyists and the mainstream media. The people are made to believe that they play a part in the battle. Horse shit! We are constantly and persistently bombed and stormed with this great lie crippling our ability to unite against the ruling players threatening our existence by perpetuating a money-oriented system of government instead of a people-oriented one. This GCL puts the people in conflict with each other instead of their real enemy, the few giga-wealthy growing ever richer while the great majority of the people grow poorer, weaker and sicker.

We could improve our intellectual health instantly by regarding the prevailing flow of information in general to be a lie, the words of the rulers telling us how we should think. Think about it.



“Many people are proud of their disinformed intellects.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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