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December 4, 2016 / Fantelius

Polluting Children


I first heard the expression ”polluting children” from Penelope Chaffer in a TED talk entitled The Toxic Baby. Horrible? The extent of the pollution should rattle your genes. In fact it does rattle your genes (and children’s genes even more) whether you feel it or not. No pure blood flows from a mother to the child in her womb, no sample of fetal blood has been found to be free from contaminants. The pollution continues to flow into the child as it sucks milk from mom’s breasts. The process picks up speed as the child enters the stage of solid food.

We all carry 10s of 1000s of chemicals in our bodies that haven’t been present in Homo sapiens up until the most recent times. Although the level of pollution in children is lower than in adults, children are far more vulnerable to the toxins. Childhood diseases and ailments have skyrocketed in recent decades.

Cancers, particularly leukemia, asthma, autism, diabetes I, brain tumors, allergies and a smorgasbord of mental and emotional disorders afflict the young as never before and the frequency of the maladies continues to accelerate.

We’re alarmed at global warming, its devastating effects and its threat to the survival of humanity, yet we endure biological poisoning and the deterioration of humanity’s condition barely raising an eyebrow.

We don’t know all the sources contaminating our bodies as well as we know about those heating our environment, but we know a great deal. We know that the ingredients atrazine and glyphosate in the pesticides spread on our agricultural products help sicken, disable and kill us. Together with additives in processed foods, particularly artificial sweeteners, they act as the bullets and bombs attacking our biology and ravaging nature in general. We also know that mighty chemical and pharmaceutical corporations can lobby-bribe any official or organization to allow their products to poison our bodies while fattening their profits.

It’s war, Dorothy, and we’re being contained, weakened and killed with chemical weapons of mass destruction. How dare we allow them to pollute our children?

Let’s shut down the empire, the money-oriented enterprise of conquest generated by consumption. Avoid all food and drinks from corporate sources. Avoid as many corporate products as possible. All.
allow them to pollute our children.



“You know they’ve been painting over the hard greys with their smooth green,
so why are you surprised to find a rat when the paint peels?”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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