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January 19, 2017 / Fantelius

Pundit Falsies


In ancient times (the 1950s and 60s), when the perverse American obsession with large breasts was getting started and cosmetic surgery was not yet available, women inserted rubber cups in their bras to create a bountiful illusion.

A joke at the time:
”How can you tell the difference between the real ones and the ”falsies”?
”The falsies taste like rubber.”

We can ask the same question of American political pundits. How can you tell the real ones from the phonies. This can be difficult, but in many cases the phonies are as obvious as rubber-tasting breasts. All we need to hear is one word and the full-of-shit buzzer goes off. The word is democracy. Any time an authority speaks of ”our” American democracy, the authority declares intellectual bankruptcy. The list of these democrazies is quite long.

Here, as an example, is Molly K. McKew in Politico Magazine (17-01-01):
”the West is already at war (with Russia), whether it wants to be or not. … This war seeks, at home and abroad, to erode our values, our democracy, and our institutional strength”

Molly K. sells herself as an advisor to governments and political parties yet she can’t tell democracy from oligarchy. The composition of the government composed of the 1% wealthiest individuals and the decisions of the government constantly favoring the 1% and corporate interests testify to lack of democracy. Kids in the streets know that America isn’t a democracy, but this fact has alluded advisor McKew.

”This war seeks … to erode our values”! Do you hear the echo of George Bush talking about how the terrorists attack us because they hate our freedoms? It’s amazing how the public tolerates being sullied with this garbage.

Molly’s article is another voice in the choir condemning Russia with all the passion and rage we should recognize from the weapons-of-mass-destruction opera sung to justify the invasion of Iraq. She presents not a single fact nor names any specific source but whines and insinuates the evils of Russia threatening ”our values and democracy”.

I wonder how Russia managed to get America to
— force 100s of thousands of workers to slave away at underpaid jobs?
— amass the largest prison population in the world?
— militarize the police and have them gun down unarmed people weekly?
— continue bombing and killing innocent people year after year in at least 6 countries?
— support the genocide of the Palestinian people while suppressing them with apartheid?
— constantly expand poverty and the number of homeless people?
— create the greatest inequality gap in the world?
— take money from the majority of hardworking citizens and give it to a few mega-rich criminal banksters?
— fill veterans with cocktails of mind-altering drugs so that 8000/year commit suicide?
— cause widespread sickness, suffering and death by driving millions of people to obesity with storms and tsunamis of sodas and junk food?
— contaminate at least 3000 communities with poisonous drinking water?
— frack the life out of large tracks of land and destroy rivers and lakes with oil spills and industrial wastes?
— lobbytomize the government into a herd of bribe-takers?
— spread tons and tons of radioactive particles into the environment with uranium-tipped (DU) bullets and missiles?
— cause the health/pharma industry to elevate medical treatment to the third cause of death after cancer and heart ailments?
— suppress the reports of over 2500 professional architects and engineers proving that  the three World Trade Center skyscrapers must have been brought down by controlled demolition.
— believe that it is an exceptional (superior) nation?
— torture people and keep them illegally imprisoned?
— erode the national infrastructure?
— run up a national debt that threatens the economy of the world?
— create a culture so crippled and decadent that ignorant, lie-infested psychopaths can sing through manicured smiles about the democratic values of an empire run by a tiny group of billionaires.

If Russia can cause all of this and hack the outcome of elections as well, America may just as well surrender and save themselves a lot of pain.



“Political ADHD = American Demagogues Heil Democracy”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.


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