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February 13, 2017 / Fantelius

Taking Cocos in the Shadows


Shadow government, the 1%, deep state, the establishment, the oligarchy, …
Many names allude to ”powers that be”. Most of them miss the mark barely scratching the nature of the power-brokers in control.

Shadow government hints that Congress isn’t where it’s happening. Surprise! Surprise!

Speaking of the 1% sheds light on the heights of inequality, but misses the core of individuals running the show by some 3 million people.

Deep state? Are we speaking about the security apparatus or what?

Referring to the establishment paints an abstract picture of bureaucracy, but that’s common to most organizations.

The oligarchy tells us that a small group of people are in charge, but doesn’t specify if the group is made up of fake fundamentalists from Florida or perverted poster peddlers.

Plutocracy, rule of the wealthiest, would be a correct term and a specification of oligarchy, but it’s a clumsy term and unknown to most citizens.

Other correct, specific but clumsy terms generally unknown:
Kakistocracy = rule by the worst
Kleptocracy = rule by thieves

If we were to use clumsy and unknown terms, I’d go for
Sphincter ani externocracy = rule by assholes

Ruler is a simple and adequate term, but most people don’t make the distinction between leader and ruler even tho it’s the difference between being loved and getting fucked.

I’ve created the term Cocos meaning Corporate Commanders to fill the gap. Cocos doesn’t merely streamline Corprocracy, rule of the corporations, it also underlines that people, not companies or abstractions, manipulate the controls of politics. Altho difficult to launch a new term, it doesn’t matter as long as people continue to allow themselves to be diverted from reality by the clowns, con artists and the corrupt congressional cuckoos working for the Cocos. The cocos are in charge… in the shadows. We need not know their names or even who they are, no more than we need to know the names of soldiers attacking us or the names of the officers commanding them.

The main and vital difference between Cocos and the other terms that allude to the people in control (in the shadows), stipulates emphatically that the tiny group of giga-wealthy and super powerful people in control are the enemy—ENEMY—of the great majority of the citizens they control and exploit. Despite their wealth they are in constant search of getting more. From everyone. They don’t care how poor, weak or desolate you are. If they can find a way to take a few pennies, they’ll do it. They’ve done it before. They’re doing it now. They’ll do it in the future. As long as we allow it. As long as we allow ourselves to be diverted by their clowns and cuckoos they will take whatever they can get from us. They will take and take; lie, steal, suppress, surveil, imprison, kill and do whatever it takes to take whatever they can get. As long as we allow a tiny group of Cocos to command the fate of the vast majority of the people they will take and take and take until they’ve taken the last drop of possible survival. For everyone including themselves.
As long as we allow it.


 The tragedy of war is that the young men and women die fighting each other – instead of their real enemies back home in the capitals.
– Edward Abbey


Consuming excessive amount of news, ‘facts’ and ‘analyses’ usually doesn’t lead to understanding anything in depth, or to a truly critical thoughts, quite the contrary – it very effectively murders one’s ability to consider totally new concepts, and especially to rebel against the intellectual clichés and stereotypes. No wonder that the middle class Europeans and North Americans are among the most conformist people on earth!
– Andre Vitchek



“We are not going to see the light
if we constantly stare at clowns creating shadows.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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