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February 14, 2017 / Fantelius

The Hopeless Foolish Clown


Lighten up! We’ve never had a court clown this good. He’s hilarious; bombastic, arrogant, unpredictable, undependable, vulgar as a solid-gold toilet and delusional as a drunk mouse challenging a cat. Everyone loves him or loves to hate him.

The Cocos (the Corporate Commanders, the real rulers) were overjoyed with his initial success. He split the population deeper than any one of his predecessors and managed to defuse the latent aggression of average citizens.

The Cocos are not so happy with him now, and I can almost—almost—feel sorry for him. He’s faced with the impossible task of starting a fight with someone. That’s what the empire does best. War injects fear into the public and profits into the weapons industry. But who to fight with?

Formally the president is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, ”the greatest fighting force (GFF) in the history of the world.” That’s what they tell themselves and most of them believe it in spite of the fact that the GFF has been losing against rifle-armed farmers in Afghanistan after 16 years of battle. According to General John Nicholson they’ve now reached a stalemate. I don’t know how many bulls John has met in Afghanistan, but he seems to have learned their language. The Taliban (the Afghanis) have been steadily gaining ground and control more territory today than they did 15 years ago. Translating John’s public stalemate declaration into honest military terminology = ”We’re in deep shit.”

The boots on the ground in Iraq are caked with similar brown sludge. The Iraqi troops trained by experts from the GFF would have trouble defeating old ladies pushing walkers. Consider the following picture showing these troops on their way to Mosul (where they got their ass kicked despite superiority in numbers and equipment.)
The ”soldier” on the right looks like he was trained in eating milkshakes with halvah. When I was in the army we had to move around a lot and often quickly. This guy looks as tho he couldn’t run passed a sandwich.

If the GFF can’t cope with little guys in small poor countries how are they to deal with well-equipped and well-trained soldiers in big powerful countries? Didn’t the most elite forces of the GFF just get bitch-slapped by Yemeni insurgents?

The new top clown provoked China; contacts with Taiwan, threats of tariffs, naval maneuvers in the South China Sea and belligerent language. China merely called in a few of its economic chips, of which they have many, and the clown was on the phone apologizing like a schoolboy who ”forgot” to hand in his homework.

North Korea then heard from the clown making bully-bad noises. They responded by sending an ICBM from the deepest part of their territory to land some 500 km away just short of the territorial waters of Japan where 23 US military bases sit like ducks. NK claims these ICBMs have a range of 3000 to 4000 kms. They may be exaggerating, but the clown didn’t make any further noises.

Now Iran competes for the position of prime enemy of the empire. It’s much stronger than Afghanistan and Iraq together, more populated and has a modern well-prepared military. ”Well-prepared” is a key word. While the US’s GFF has been built to fight anyone anywhere under any conditions and to keep its worldwide network of bases supplied and protected (as well as keeping the military industry’s profitability well-oiled regardless of military efficiency), the rest of the world has built and is building its forces with the specific objective of defending against the GFF.

When Russia demonstrated the capacity and accuracy of its cruise missile striking a target in Syria the US backed an aircraft carrier out of the area faster that a black man could back out of a door accidentally opened to a KKK meeting.

It wouldn’t surprise me if one or more countries had underwater drone mines sleeping deep in the waters in the vicinity of US aircraft carriers. Should a war break out these $billion floating bases would sink like scrap iron.

So what’s the chief clown supposed to do? There’s no one weak or small enough to start a fight with. Unfortunately, the Cocos, his bosses, are desperate. The empire stumbles and the economic situation threatens to explode like a drone mine under an aircraft carrier overloaded with debt-damaged aircraft. No clown is funny enough to tweek a laugh out of these circustances. Let’s enjoy this one while we can.




“Never underestimate the foolishness of a desperate fool.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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