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March 1, 2017 / Fantelius

Professional Racists’ Favorite Trick


Golden Mona Lisa of the Andes

Professional racists are not like the KKKers, Aryans or Keep-our-group-pure pushers. The pros are salaried and work behind the scenes to promote hatred and spread conflict by exploiting the differences between people. The standard hate groups are light pistols compared to these hellfire-missile pros.

A recent incident in Sweden can illustrate one of their favorite tricks. You’ve probably experienced something similar no matter where you are.

A cop’s facebook comment bounced around the media a few days ago. ”It’s taboo to mention that the majority of all crime is committed by immigrants.”

The professional prejudice promoters love this tactic. It’s easily started and spreads by itself, anywhere, every time. Repeat the cop’s sentiments in a group and note the nods of affirmation. This ”truth” about the ”majority of criminals” is a grain of sand covered with 4 layers of silent lies to produce a pearl of hate highly valued by the rulers.

1. Although the race, nationality, religion or ethnicity of the criminals in question vary with time and place, they are always, without exception, the poorest segment of society. Anyone can always say, ”It’s taboo to mention that the majority of all crime is committed by the poor people.” Surprise! Surprise! Replacing ”poor people” with the name of a specific group stimulates hate and prejudices. It’s depressing to see how this vulgar old trick works so often, and how eagerly the media play their part in spreading this garbage.

2. Rarely is it mentioned that the poor people—whatever the group—make up 90% of the victims to these crimes. The media has a mysterious tendency to forget this fact.

3. The rate of crime in general, as with all social problems, rises and falls in direct proportion to the rate of inequality. In their book The Spirit Level professors Wilkinson and Pickett demonstrate the strong correlation between the wealth gap (inequality) and the extent of crime (social degradation). Their conclusions were built on a solid base of official statistics. No one in the media seems to have read this book or knows about it.

4. The great silent lie surrounding the ”majority of crime” tells us that the majority of crime is not committed by the poor and desperate, but by the rich and greedy. The crimes of the wealthy are tornados of theft, death and destruction compared to the breezes of individual, though often violent, crimes of the poor.

To take an example from Sweden, Carema, a private (vulture capitalist) company took over the care of old people from the community. They cheated on their commitments and charged the community 200 000 kr for personnel services that they didn’t provide. Old people lay in their own urine, went hours in pain and suffered other discomforts (in one case died) because of lack of attendance. When the cheating was exposed, the company was required to return the 200 000. No other penalties! No one was charged with a crime and the company continued to ”care” for the elderly.

That was just one of thousands of examples of crimes that are not crimes because they are committed by wealthy and influential people. What should we say about the authorities who decided that stealing money and causing helpless old people to suffer should be punished by requiring the thieves to pay back what the stole? These authorities commit no crime, do they?

This is a tiny example. Not paying taxes by stashing money in selected ”havens” is so common that’s it’s not even investigated or it’s called a loophole, In any case, no crime!

The major crimes are committed by society’s major players. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, for example, lied to the world about WMDs, invaded a country, caused incalculable destruction, killed 100s of thousands of people while maiming and displacing millions of others. All the crimes of all the poor criminals in the world can’t match that. Yet these supreme criminals are never referred to as criminals and never come anywhere near the crime statistics reserved for the poor. These illustrious bastards could even boast about using high-tech terrorism, ”shock-and-awe”, and continue to parade as honorable individuals.

Obama could flaunt international law, as well as basic judicial ones as old as the Magna Charta, and kill suspects (no apprehension, defense or trial) along with thousands of babies, brides and grandparents in the vicinity, in sovereign countries, without anyone accusing him of being a criminal.

You get the picture. To summarize:
The majority of crime is caused by the wealthy and greedy not the poor and needy.


“The great criminals accuse their victims of crime.
The great terrorists claim to fight terrorism.
The great liars praise the fragrance of their own words.
The great…”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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