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March 9, 2017 / Fantelius

Decayed Brains and Legal Criminality


This TV works perfectly but has no screen.

This great camera can’t be fitted with a lens.

This luxury car has no braking system.

You would have to be oxymoronic to buy the TV, camera or car just mentioned. When however a professor-of-law judge sells the legality of crime, oxy, coxy, and foxy media morons line up to buy the nonsense.

Judge, lawyer, professor and media pundit Andrew Napolitano claimed that Obama’s monitoring of Trump Tower was “profoundly unconstitutional” but “legal.” Unconstitutional is the opposite of legal. Unconstitutionally legal makes as much sense as a virgin mother of three children.

The constitution of the USA is the highest law of the land, the defining set of rules for the legitimacy of the country. It forms the legal framework of the nation. Breaking these rules destroys the legitimacy of the country as surely as an invading army destroys its sovereignty.

Obviously Napo isn’t as moronic as he appears. He’s a high-class whore tasked with legalizing the criminality of his superior hookers. Attempting an authoritative explanation to justify his perverse view of the law, he states, “The President of the United States can order surveillance on any person inside the United States in conjunction with a certificate or a certification filed by the attorney general.”

He fails to say that the attorney general can supply a certificate only if the surveillance is justified in accordance with the constitution. If the attorney general allows surveillance of any person just because the president requests it, the general is a criminal in a nation controlled by criminals.

The constitution has been vandalized, ravaged and raped for quite some time but Napo’s claim of unconstitutional legality exposes the depth of decay in the brains of the rulers and the extent of the rot at the foundation of the nation.

It might be comforting for some citizens to view ”their” criminals as legal, but their illusion won’t protect them. They will suffer the pains and despair of being occupied by an enemy force even if the enemy claims legitimacy through the command of government and established institutions.

Internal enemies are far more difficult to defeat than foreign forces.




“Garbage can be swallowed by chewing with the mind.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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