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June 7, 2017 / Fantelius

Naked Love


Naked Love

Unrobe love!
Remove the shiny ornaments
glittering garlands
song-praised sparkles
novel-stamped glory
and film-fresh newness without wear!
Scrub away the gaudy symbols!

unadorned, unashamed, untamed.
What do we see?
Power, like gravity, can’t be seen.
Love, like gravity, is a force.
A power.
The power of unity.
Love unites.

Love unites.

Love joins us together
and has the strength
to save us
from the jaws of extinction.

Love unites.
It’s the pulse of life,
an amplification of the law of atoms.
Atoms give where they can
and receive where they have room.
They join where they can give
unite where they can receive.

From the first living molecule,
(a handful of atoms joined in a ring)
fueled by the energy of the sun
and governed by the law of love,
has united and united and united
into ever greater formations.
every cell of life on earth,
whether a winged seed
or in a conscientious worm,
contains 100s of 1000s of billions of atoms.
A human contains
100s of 1000s of billions of cells.

Love unites.
The force of love
lives within life.
Every human possesses it.
If we unite
anything is possible.
If we fight among ourselves
the force will abandon us
as it does any life form
that neglects it.

Embrace naked love!
Strengthen love,
allow it to empower our dreams
and save our species!


”Love or money? Survival or extinction?
Snakes, spiders and sparrows know the answer.
The wise humans haven’t quite figured it out yet.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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