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June 20, 2017 / Fantelius

Progressive Nightmares


Common Dreams is the name of a web and mail news organization. They claim to be progressive.
They are not.
They claim to be independent.
They are not.
They claim ”to bring the news that matters.”
They don’t.
They are a branch of the American Democratic Party with a mission to support and promote the “left-leaning” wing of that party. They are typical of almost all ”leading progressive voices of our time”, which they claim to represent.

Their ”Common Dream” (unstipulated) aims at returning to a time when the empire was kinder and more just. They are in other words reactionary, they don’t want to go forward (progress), but back (reaction). For all their progressive talk, they’re the alternative version of ”Make America Great Again” (without disturbing the money-oriented prevailing order or the foreign policy of dominance.)

Almost as often as they ”bring news that matter” they bring pleas of donations. At the heart of one of the latest of these ”beggar-mails” we can read that their ”leading progressive voices of our time /—/ speak truth to power. The voices that bring us new, progressive ideas that help take us one step closer to bringing our common dreams to life.”

Whenever you read ”speak truth to power”, you know a ”progressive” defender of the empire is on the soap box. Speak truth to power! Sounds great, says nothing. Well, not nothing exactly, it’s nonsense. It’s as logical as speaking truth to gravity or solar energy. Speaking truth to the people would be valuable, but let’s not get carried away.

They expose their impotence with the blatant lie that their progressive voices ”take us one step closer to bringing our common dreams to life.” Common Dreams has been amplifying these voices for 20 years. Are we closer now to our dreams than we were 20 years ago? No! We’ve been taking steps backwards. Common Dreams and the ”leading progressive voices of our time” talk progress but walk reaction. They are defenders of a dying empire. They represent Common Nightmares.



”A long experience without success
contains many wrong ways,
but none that is right.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.





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