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September 5, 2017 / Fantelius

Common Dreams – Poison Nightmare


Common Dreams is dealt with here as an example of the hidden forces—third parties, fifth columnists or simply wolves in sheeps’ clothing—supporting the suppression of the people in the name of progressiveness.

Common Dreams is a daily web-based news channel that ”has been providing breaking news & views for the progressive community since 1997.” It’s stated mission: ”To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good.”

It ain’t necessarily so!
Common Dreams is, by its own definition, a failure. Change has not favored the common good. On the contrary, the past twenty years has seen the 1% and their billionaire commanders become steadily wealthier and more powerful while everyone else has experienced degradation on all levels, particularly increasing poverty, declining freedoms, spreading wars and a deteriorating environment. Common good should have fired Common Dreams years ago.

Common Dreams doesn’t deal with its failure, but implies with silence that negative change has occurred in spite of its efforts. The progressive community readily embraces this implication due to the views provided by Common Dreams which, as we shall see, functions as a branch of the prevailing order while pretending to be in opposition.

This is clearly evident in the recently published article titled, ”Need for Diplomacy More Clear Than Ever After North Korea Claims H-Bomb Test” (Sept. 3). It reads like a message from the Pentagon telling us that unpredictable North Korea threatens us with nuclear weapons. The ”progressive view” criticizes the president’s unhinged policy of fighting fire with fire and begs instead to promote diplomacy.

While the article quotes the president’s view, ”North Korea’s words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States”, it fails to mention how the US has continually provoked, threatened and intimidated N. Korea with military exercises and maneuvers in the air (B-52s and such), the waters around the little nation and military build up in S. Korea. Not to mention economic warfare euphemistically called sanctions.

N. Korea has never threatened anyone, has no bases or forces outside of its territory and has never been engaged in weapon conflict since its country was pounded to rubble by the US 70 years ago. The US on the other hand has military bases throughout the world and has and is bombing and killing people in multiple countries. N. Korea makes one, and only one threat, if attacked, it will retaliate with every means at its disposal. It meets threats and provocations by demonstrating some of its means.

Common Dream, for all its progressive talk, falls in line with msm to paint a picture of two equal forces where the the much much smaller and relatively weaker one (of the two equals) threatens the gigantic military monster. The little country half way around the world from the big one has the audacity of placing its country right next to the warships and under the air forces of the big country.

The ridiculous notion that the 98 kg mountain of muscle from the wrestling team feels threatened by the 67 kg nerd on the chess team finds eager believers when presented through the disinformative lens of the msm with the ”progressive” news alternatives adjusting the focus. This little-victim bad guy in confrontation with big aggressive savior plays like a broken sound loop on American psyop tunes. Haven’t the occupied, suppressed and persecuted Palestinians been portrayed as equal and threatening opponents to the poor (sob, sob) Zionists who have a right to defend themselves. Wasn’t the mighty US military machine forced to kill millions of Vietnamese to liberate them?

How, by the way, has Common Dreams dealt with Israel? Basically, it hasn’t except to copy official views. Not even when the South Africans declared that apartheid in Israel is worse than it ever was in their own country did Common Dreams seem to notice or think it worthy to include in their ”breaking news.” Last year when close to 3000 scientists and engineers proclaimed that the World Trade towers could not have fallen as they did because of fire, but must have been brought down by demolition, Common Dream didn’t seem to hear that explosive information. Perhaps the fact that the scientist employed the laws of physics and the rules of mathematics to prove their case discouraged Common Dream from mentioning it to their progressive readers. These same scientists plus others who have joined them will make a similar presentation on the 11th of this month. Would anyone care to wager if news from this (AE911Truth) event will reach subscribers through Common Dreams?

Besides the nonsense about ”talking truth to power” (See: Liberals on a Power Trip) Common Dreams constantly, usually in passing, refers to the USA as a democracy. True to its critical progressive image, the democracy wears a qualifying label such as weak, fragile, threatened, damaged, etc. but democracy it is. It is not! The USA is a Plutocracy, a rule by the richest. Everyone, well almost everyone, knows this. The phrase ”money talks, bullshit walks” is a truism among the citizens. The election circus is merely a reality show to prop up the rotting illusion of democracy. Common Dreams enthusiastically takes part in the circus as cheerleaders for progressive clowns. This ”democratic” circus results in 500 or so millionaires (1%ers) occupying the government (Congress) headed by a board of billionaires with a chief puppet at the chair. Democracy!

Like a true parasite Common Dreams not only saps the intellectual strength of its readers, it gets them to pay for it as well. Every month or so it spends about five days groveling loudly for donations. The cries get all the more desperate for each day of the campaign until the last one as on the past Friday,
”You care about independent, progressive media. You care about the truth.
That’s why we urgently need your help. There are only a few hours left to raise the remaining $8,000 we need.”

And then… that’s it. They publish again on Monday as though nothing happened, never mentioning the results of the campaign, never thanking the contributors. They do this every time. Isn’t this strange? Or is it just me? I guess I don’t understand the behavior of progressives igniting change for the common good.


”All this fake news!
Donate to The Visionary Board
and get the real fake news and views
we choose
to form your views.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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