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August 30, 2017 / Fantelius

Liberals on a Power Trip


The Speak-Truth-to-Power Club is not really a club, more like a psyop tribe; liberal progressives who tell the truth about the empire’s crimes in order to defuse any threat to the empire’s rule. They echo the call to make the empire (America) great again encouraging citizens to repair the system producing the crimes.

Speak Truth to Power chimes with demagogic esteem, inspiring members of the club with illusions of being the good people, the informed, the intellectually worthy, the morally accredited, the protesters and the resisters; a tribe that is theoretically politically savey, but in reality politically impotent.

With objective distance the Speak Truth to Power slogan dissolves; sound and politically correct fury saying and accomplishing nothing. Try to grasp this delusion! What power are they speaking to? Gravity? Of course not. The slogan implies political power. Still abstract. Political power is wielded by people. Who are they speaking to? Politicians? The herd of bribe-saturated millionaires who have time and again demonstrated moral character just below the level of slime? Who pray tell are they talking truth to?

What truths are they talking about? What are they telling the people of power? What truths are they speaking? Let’s get concrete! What are they saying and who are they saying it to? Nothing. They may as well be speaking to gravity. But the well-informed, intellectually worthy and morally accredited liberal progressives line up at the sound of the Speak Truth to Power chimes ready to taste the wafer and lick the wine of political salvation in the great temple of the money-oriented order.

Can anyone supply a single example where speaking truth to power accomplishing anything? What truths should the rape-victim have told her rapist? Are the people who are powerful enough to collaterally damage babies and grandmothers to death any more susceptible to words than a rapist?

Speak truth to the people instead and promote the struggle against the greed-diseased power brokers to create a world where truth, peace, freedom, justice and love decorate a community of all humans living in harmony with nature.
Or perish.


”People used to be brainwashed.
Today, with digital power and mass distribution
brains are intellectually enhanced.
New methods, same results,
fear and obedience.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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