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January 22, 2018 / Fantelius

In Defense of United Snakes


It’s the term I’m defending not the snakes themselves. And of course I’m using ”snakes” as a metaphor for the lowest of the lowest. (My apologies to actual snakes.)

Most of the people of the US shut down their analytic abilities in the face criticism of the United States. They are Americans, citizens of the USA, and instinctively try to repel criticism directed at their national identity. This is understandable. They don’t want to be affiliated with the evils perpetrated in their name, but until they recognize that the rulers, the snakes, do not represent them, their values or even the laws of their country, they will remain frightened, vulnerable and powerless. The snakes obviously do not represent the needs or interests of the people. The snakes are their enemy, not only deteriorating the conditions and quality of their lives, but marching them and humanity along a path leading to extinction. The overwhelming majority of the American people are morally and idealistically opposed to the actions and policies of the snakes. But they don’t opposed them. Not to any meaningful extent in any case. They are so traumatized by their frustration that they’ve developed a fixed behavior and repeat the same mistakes time and time again and fail to recognize the same insidious tactics of the snakes over and over again.

Last week a good, honest, hardworking man was literally torn from the arms of his wife and two teenaged daughters and deported because the relative who brought him into the country 3 decades ago, when he was 10 years old, didn’t have the proper papers. This one incident proves beyond any doubt that the authorities don’t have the empathy of a rattlesnake. It displays, beyond any doubt, a serial-child-killer grade of psychopathy… by the United Snakes, not any one person, not even a clown-in-chief.

The snakes capable of such degenerate behavior are threatening to rain nuclear bombs on a little country, on the other side of the world, that has never attacked or threatened anyone. In order to do this they use the same tactics as they have used time and time again, over and over again. They bomb their own citizens and the people around the world with propaganda about the evils of the designated victim country. They’ve done this many times, destroying country after country and killing millions of people… to save them.

This time however they intend to save them with nuclear bombs and therefore the propaganda is nuclear-grade intensive. And this time the snakes have enlisted the support of rats and weasels in China and Russia to attack the designated victim country with sanctions intended to cause starvation among the population… to save them… because they are starving.

The snakes, rats and weasels of the world are at war with the overwhelming majority of humanity. They are at war to maintain the money-oriented way of life as opposed to the people-oriented way. They are at war to maintain their power and position and ability to continue gathering wealth from the work and energy of the people everywhere and the resources of the earth anywhere. If the people don’t struggle against these degenerate greed-diseased snakes pretending to be part of the family of humanity they are doomed. The people must gather in groups, educate each other (with material outside corporate sources and official disinformation), and discuss some of the 1000s of ways to weaken the dominance of the snakes. Whether they go down on one knee at sports events (and pass out leaflets about the need for justice, truth and peace); sanction corporate products from junk food, junk restaurants and junk entertainment offerings; cover the brand names on clothes with messages of their own; etc x 1000s. Creativity and energy more powerful than atomic weapons lives among the people, plus empathy and love for each others welfare.


”The great darkness fears even the smallest light.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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