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January 17, 2018 / Fantelius

Motherly Party of N.Korea


One of the wonders of the modern world are people who believe what they are told by notorious liars, the owners and rulers of the country, the united snakes. The people even believe what they are told about the most hated enemy of these snakes, a little country with the audacity of maintaining its independence, and demonstrating a determination to defend that independence at all costs.

Who believes only one side of a conflict, particularly the side known for its lies and aggression and who takes from the great majority of the common people to give to a tiny percentage of people who are already vulgarly wealthy? Why bother looking at what the other side has to say when the lying snakes tell us that anything the other side has to say is just propaganda. The other side has an official site at with loads of ”propaganda”, but not even the intellectuals of the land of the united snakes can be bothered. They’re having too much fun telling each other about the antics of the clown-in-chief.

Here’s a little section of a little ”Talk to the Officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Pyongyang City” from 1965. It’s so little and so old that you don’t have to worry about damaging your brain reading it.


The leader has stated that the officials’ loyalty to the Party, to the working class and to the people is verified by the people’s living standard. Indifference to the people’s living standard and slighting it is a concentrated expression of a lack of loyalty to the people. Indifference to the people’s living standard is indifference to the people themselves, and in our society nothing is worse than this indifference. Party organizations must strongly combat the officials’ lack of loyalty to the people and their indifference to the people’s standard of living. Party officials must become truly people’s servants who show motherly concern for their living and work devotedly in order to improve their lives. The people have entrusted our Party with everything and they call our Party a motherly Party. The term motherly Party implies their deep trust in our Party as well as their enormous expectations from it to look after their future destiny. In order to fulfill their responsibility and role as the workers of a motherly Party and to prove themselves worthy of the people’s trust and expectations. Party officials must have genuine traits of a real mother.

A real mother wishes to give her children all the best things in the world and so she faces whatever dangers or difficulties there are unhesitatingly for the good of her children. That is what a mother’s heart is like. Her benevolence towards her children is pure, profound and genuine. That is why children call for their mothers when they are happy, when they are sad, and even when they are grown up. Mothers lavish all their efforts on raising their children normally. It takes a mother 50,000 days’ labour to rear a child, so she used to be called omani (50,000) which came to be pronounced omoni (mother) gradually. In some parts of our country a mother is still called omani. I cannot confirm its etymology, but I think that the word implies the warm love and enormous efforts a mother devotes to her children.

Mothers go to a great deal of trouble for the good of their children, but they consider it their pleasure and something worthwhile. If officials think of the people before anything else with the heart and trait of a mother and work hard for their welfare, they will find no problem impossible to solve in their lives. More often than not officials do not care enough about the people’s discomfort and sufferings because they lack loyalty to the people and have no warm love for them.


”Proper gander glances. Proper slander lances. Proper study advances.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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