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May 11, 2020 / Fantelius

History’s Voice

Cool words can’t prevent blood from boiling with injustice.

History’s voice is upon us.
Everyone hears it,
the young, the old, the deaf
Everyone hears it differently,
the many good, the few bad, the lonely
Everyone hears the same thing
the innocent, the experienced, the phony
Everyone knows it speaks an ancient truth
the knowledgeable, the capable, the blind

History’s voice tells us what we already know
but don’t know that we know it.
We are 99,7% alike.
We were equals 95% of our existence.
We are still 99,7% alike but now unequal.
1% rules
99% obey
and it’s been this way
for the last 5%
of the nearly 200 000 years of our days.

Private power rises and falls.
Death and destruction on the way up.
Every time.
Death and destruction on the way down.
Again again again again again and again.
Bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger
right up until every Homo sapiens
is ruled
by one percent of the Homo sapiens
who won the private power scheme
to come so high
they can’t hear desperation’s scream
or see beyond their twisted dream
or feel the cracks in their self-esteem
or nature’s revenge building steam.
You know what I mean.

Private power builds only pyramids
with points of many names
mostly crowned, rarely clever
The pyramid’s shape remains
regardless of the point’s name.

Private power raises pyramids
with hammered stone and violent steel,
boiling blood and bleached bones
from clubs to drones
burnt cottages and roofless homes.

Dust, dirt and sand…
the remains of greatness
in history’s hand.

You know this, don’t you?
even if you don’t know that the word history means
the search for the roots of conflict.
Private power is the root of conflict,
a virus preying on our species.

Collective power is the cure,
the means of health, harmony and more
It builds gardens flowered with smiles of interaction
and fruits of peace, justice and nourishing satisfaction.
It’s the salve to soothe and repair our lacerations,
give us strength, fill us with love,
show us the beauty of truth
and champion our salvation.


”Cool words can’t prevent blood from boiling with injustice.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.


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