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May 14, 2020 / Fantelius

Acrobats of Justice


”If we don’t help raise the people below us up to our level,
we will eventually sink to theirs.”
Dartwill Aquila


This quote by Dartwill Aquila can be viewed as an extension of the following words:

It is also an extension of the previous blog, History’s Voice,
which summarizes all history
by its most dominant pattern,
the rise and fall of private power
(along with death and destruction
as part of its growth and decline):

There is no future
except one built of collective power,
the unity of Homo sapiens.
It’s all for one and one for all
everyone will fall.

Homo sapiens
each and every one
will either live in wealth
or die in poverty.

Health is wealth. Security is wealth. Peace is wealth. Friendship is wealth. Freedom is wealth. Love is wealth. Respect is wealth. Justice is wealth. Beauty is wealth. Nourishment is wealth. Knowledge is wealth. Love is wealth. Education is wealth. Solidarity is wealth. Laughter is wealth. Kindness is wealth. Motivation is wealth. Employment is wealth. Truth is wealth. Love is wealth. Trust is wealth. Opportunity is wealth. Happiness is wealth. Honesty is wealth. Love is wealth.




The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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