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June 8, 2020 / Fantelius

Rich Poor People, Poor Rich People

The Sun King, Louis XIV of France, died 302 years ago. He was one of the wealthest people in the world at that time. Look at his robe! Obviously not prêt-á-porter. Today we would have a chart showing how many 1000s of people could be clothed by the cost of this one garment. Despite its luxury, it’s heavy, bulky and yet can’t prevent him from freezing his ass off when forced to travel in a bumpy, uncomfortable, uninsulated, 6-horse-powered carriage. The stockings he so proudly displays (We need another chart here.) tells us that his royal bottom need not shiver. This might be so, but try to imagine moving around in this get up! Thanks, but no thanks! His wig (Another chart, please!), the fashion of the day, designed to hide head sores indicating syphilis, often housed lice and other unpleasant tiny things.

The average commoner of today travels much faster and much more luxuriously in any cheap car than the 14th Louis could even have dreamed of. And could be entertained by a symphony orchestra during the ride, night or day in rain, snow or storm. Clothes? No royalty or noble of Louis’ day had the wardrobe of simple citizens today. Nice shoes, Lou, but I’ll stick with my runners.

The average citizen today lives better, ”richer”, in almost every aspect than kings, emperors and pharaohs of old. And, should humanity survive, the nobility of today (the billionaires and their court of millionaires) will be viewed as ”poor” sorry figures by the citizens of tomorrow.

Anxieties of defending, maintaining and increasing their wealth plagues the moneyed monarchs of today. They have as much trouble protecting their asses as Louis had. No amount of money can buy security when hot, cold and economic wars rage around the world. Their health will also be seen as endangered by future standards. Even the most pampered of them have children and grand children come into the world with polluted blood containing dozens of particles and chemicals from a contaminated environment. They don’t carry filthy wigs on their heads, but their heads are full of filthy ideas crawling around in ignorance due to their warped perspective of reality seen from the heights of their arrogance.

Although it could appear to be a paradox, the rich people of today would become much wealthier in a world where everyone is secure in their needs and wealth is as common as smiles.

Health is wealth. Security is wealth. Peace is wealth. Friendship is wealth. Freedom is wealth. Love is wealth. Respect is wealth. Justice is wealth. Nourishment is wealth. Knowledge is wealth. Love is wealth. Education is wealth. Solidarity is wealth. Laughter is wealth. Kindness is wealth. Motivation is wealth. Employment is wealth. Truth is wealth. Love is wealth. Trust is wealth. Opportunity is wealth. Happiness is wealth. Honesty is wealth. Love is wealth.

Love is wealth.


”Nothing less than a healthy humanity
can guarantee the survival of humanity.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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