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June 13, 2020 / Fantelius

Black Racism


Andre Vltchek claims “It Is All About Race” (June 12, 2020 “Information Clearing House) and compounds this nonsense, first by telling us that it’s “Awful Hypocrisy To Say It’s Not!” and then by explaining that it’s a question of White people’s racism. Andre is one of the top progressive journalists in the West. How can he utter such garbage? I’m confused. My troll-radar is blinking fanatically. It’s just too stupid. We all say and do stupid things at times, but some stupidity goes beyond natural ability. It’s just TOO stupid. Like in intentional. But, to repeat, I’m confused. I therefore offer this blog that was originally posted 8 years ago.



Racism is a cold dark place where life cannot thrive. It lives in the hearts of most people. Unfortunately. For most people.

Racism in its mildest form sees other people through the superficial filter of race. No hatred need be involved. Believing that racial characteristics affect the quality of character displays a basic ignorance of human nature. It also deprives us of the abilities to see beauty and discover wisdom.

Black Americans (people with dark skin who have traces of African ancestry) often speak of slavery as an evil perpetrated by white people. Slavery was a monumental evil that caused unimaginable misery. White people were deeply and broadly involved in supporting and promoting slavery. Many Black Africans were also directly responsible for the slave trade and all that it implies.

After the initial surprise of the first slave raiders (from Portugal), the Africans mounted effective resistance and beat the raiders back. The Africans had better boats, knew the territory and the waters much better and displayed clever tactical maneuverability and fierce courage. The European aggressors were simply no match for the native defenders.

The raiders did not give up. They shed their raider skin and returned as traders. If anyone said, “Beware of Europeans bearing gifts.” the Africans receiving the gifts didn’t seem to hear. Trading things for people opened the door to the well-stocked slave shop. Over the next three centuries the slave trade would kill millions upon millions of Africans and enslave millions and millions of others. Africans and their obedient gangs of slave hunters killed and rounded up other Africans who they served packaged in ropes, chains and cages to the European traders. The slave trade, this monumental evil devouring some 20 million people over hundreds of years could not have been possible without the willing and active participation of generations of Black Africans.

Viewing slavery as a crime of White people is a dim view. So dim that is nearly blind. And it’s racist. Money puts people in chains. Money. As long as we allow ourselves to be blinded and driven by racist perspectives, the moneyed rulers will remain enthroned in positions of power. Until we learn to see each other as people—equals—regardless of the superficial differences of our appearance (or our nationality, religion or sex), we will remain the subjects and slaves of “traders” who view people as commodities.

Racism is a cold and dark place. It can be found anywhere. Even in the warm light of beautiful Africa.



“It can be proven mathematically, biologically, religiously and historically
that we all belong to the same family.
But until it is felt, nothing is proven.”
Dartwill Aquila




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