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December 14, 2020 / Fantelius

The Corona Opportunity

The corona virus pandemic contains an opportunity to understand the nature of the world we live in and the character of the people in charge.


The term global village symbolizes the basics of today’s world. It tells us that we all live in the same place. The entire clan of Homo sapiens are connected and share the world as if it was one great village. Nations occupy different sections of the village—neighborhoods—but belong to a single social-economic organization with a common culture. Of course differences exist between nations, but, seen in a global and historical perspective, these differences represent variations of a theme. Smart phones, cars, food, shelter and clothing have brand identities with specific features and capabilities but no nation falls outside the framework of modern communication, transportation, consumption and technology. And almost all of the products we use contain resources and elements from distant places. Even the feet under a burka wear runners… with material from one place, manufactured in another place, packaged and shipped to other places and distributed to locations throughout the village to be sold to Homo sapiens who are 99,7 identical but spend a major proportion of their time concerned with their 0,3% differences. 

Due to digital technology any individual anywhere in the world can show and tell what is happening nearby to anyone anywhere as well as see and hear what is happening anywhere.

The clan of Homo sapiens is connected in real time for the first time 

since their time began almost 200.000 years ago.


This great clan of Homo sapiens with 7.8 billion individuals in the great global village follow the dictates of a few 100 individuals who own the major portion of all the resources in the world. These people do not represent a government, but they control the course of events. And they are out of control.

The people in control are out of control.

They are doubly out of control, politically and mentally.

Politically, because they have no one above them. They are the law. Formal documents, conventions, declarations and organizations are either used or abused by these “rulers”—corporate commanders—in accordance with their crusade to gain ever greater wealth and control.

Mentally, because they are possessed by the love of money. To say that they are greed-diseased is not an insult, but a diagnosis. Anyone, including you and me, would suffer from the same sickness/addiction if we were under the influence of such monumental wealth. 


What is increasingly obvious is that the billionaires, “philanthropists”, corrupt politicians, et al., who are the unspoken architects of the global economic lockdown are psychopaths in their own right.

While their personality traits are not the motive of scientific investigation, the corrupt billionaires who are behind the corona lockdown and closure of the global economy are mentally deranged. Money and enrichment is the driving force.

However, tagging politicians and financiers as “psychopaths” is an understatement.  Calling for the simultaneous closing down of the national economies of 193 member states of the UN is an act of “economic genocide”.

____________________ Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, Dec. 11, 2020


These, the actual rulers, are the architects and commanders of the Covid-19 pandemic, World War C19 (WWC19 or C19) . WWC19 is a worldwide attack on the liberties and livelihood of billions of people to take absolute control of the world, what they call The Great Reset. Through the mass media, which they own, and other channels of communication as well as organizations, institutions and key individuals, they have propagandized the common cold and influenza into a deadly plague and spread fear into the hearts and obedience into the behavior of billions of citizens.

There is no room to go into more detail about the accusations I’ve just made, but I present two obvious facts to legitimate my standpoint.

1. A tiny fact:

The people in control do not care about us, our health, or the condition of the planet. 

On the back of a (plastic) bottle of YES dish detergent, we can read that this product contains, “Harmful long-term effects on aquatic organisms.” What are aquatic organisms? … any plant or animal which lives at least part of its life cycle in water. Homo sapiens live the first 9 months of their life cycle in water and are dependent on water and aquatic organisms for the rest of their cycle. As dish detergents do not have to contain ingredients which cause “harmful long-term effects on aquatic organisms” why is this product allowed? Why are tons and tons of this poisonous liquid permitted to enter the water systems of the world daily when it is not necessary?

The answer to this tiny example of the mentality of the people in control is that this product is profitable, citizens and aquatic organisms are not.

Anyone can give many additional examples of the how little the rulers care about the subjects of their rule, or the planet in general.

2. A massive fact:

The methods being used to combat the super-scary Virus are killing far more people than the virus  itself. How do we justify killing millions to save thousands? Not to mention the hardship and despair inflicted on billions of people. To save them!

Because of the daily tsunami of lies, false reports and manipulated figures most people put a mask on their intellects to avoid being infected with the truth. Luckily, truth vaccines work in mysterious ways.


”The devil smiles with bright teeth to tell dark lies.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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