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September 12, 2021 / Fantelius

Cold Unsweetened Bloodless Murder

Again this year children will die of Diabetes 1 because their families can’t afford to buy insulin. Thousands of children living in poor rural areas of Africa and other impoverished places of the world will never flower into adults because they couldn’t get (afford) insulin.

One of the largest diabetes death countries lies between Canada and Mexico. The price of insulin here is at least twice as much as in any other country. Humalog, one of the three major insulin brands costs $14 (per/ml) here, $7 in Chile, $3 in Canada, under $3 in Brazil, India and Japan, $0.10 in Rwanda and free in France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and other countries. The same pattern of costs and countries are exhibited by the other two insulin brands, Apidra and Novorapid.

As production costs have remained stabled, and diabetes-1 cases are increasing by 5%/year, one would expect prices to decrease. In the land between Canada and Mexico however, the prices have increased 1400% over the past 20 years, or since September 11, 2001, depending on perspective. Present patient costs average $28.5/ml on a production cost of $0.5. The annual cost per patient balances at $6000/year; a price that forces death to visit the poorest families. Can you imagine the despair of a parent with a choice of medicine OR food for the children?

Can you imagine a species that spends tons and tons on bullets and bombs, but can’t afford grams to save the lives of children? Can you imagine leaving this order of things in the hands of the people responsible for it?


“911 and C19, different times, different events, same sales team.”

Dartwill Aquila


The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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