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September 19, 2021 / Fantelius

The Point of the Needle

A great and seemingly complex event can often be understood by one incident.

The Kennedy murder, for example, comes to bloody clarity by the amateur film of a bystander showing the president’s head jerking backwards and brain substance exploding out of the back of his skull. Seeing this film should inoculate anyone against explanations claiming that the president was shot from behind. 

Anyone seeing WTC7—the third WTC building (47 stories high)—collapsing a few hours after her much taller sister buildings across the street went down, should be inoculated against the official conspiracy fairy tale of foreign terrorists. A nine-year-old can see that WTC7 collapses in a typical demolition pattern. Google WTC7 and see for yourself. For those who don’t trust the judgement of kids, over 3000 architects and engineers at are more than eager to explain and show the physics involved in the collapse of all three WTC buildings.

The corona circus should also collapse when viewing the rabid enthusiasm with which authorities and “experts” try to get children injected with an experimental synthetic piece of RNA. The chance of anyone under 20 dying from corona is less than 0,02%.

The under 20s have a greater chance of dying from lightning, riding in a car, or drowning in a pool. Injecting children with anything experimental (not yet proven effective or safe), is beyond insane. Injecting them with nano bits of synthetic RNA is psycho-monster-evil level giga-crazy. The people in control are obviously out of control, out of their fuckin minds. The four molecules called nitrogenous bases that make up RNA contain between 12 to 15 atoms each. (A human cell contains over 100 trillion atoms) These molecules of life have been around for 1000s of millions of years. They are life’s most basic elements. Injecting synthetic RNA into children is world-class vicious criminality. Many children have already paid with their health and some with their lives.

Hello! Hello! Are there any nine-year-olds left out there?


“OK, you already forgave everyone once and see what happened.

Why not just forgive the innocent this time

and do something different with the chronically evil?”

Dartwill Aquila


The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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