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November 28, 2021 / Fantelius

Synthetic Authorities

The EU Digital Covid Vaccination Pass/Certificate (CVP or CVC) is not available to those who have tested negative or have had covid and recovered.

What are we to say about these authorities who have awarded the vaccinated privileges denied to the naturally immune? Natural immunity is far superior to (synthetic mRNA) vaccinated immunity. It is stronger, lasts much longer, can combat variations of a virus, and presents not the slightest chance of causing negative reactions.

We can say:

– They are stupid? Highly unlikely, but why are they preferring cut glass to polished diamonds?

– They are ignorant? This might be true. They are doing what they are told without researching the issue themselves. Should this be the case,

They are incompetent? To deny the voices of the world’s leading experts and 10s of 1000s of experience medical professionals must be considered criminal incompetence when dealing with such a serious problem. More (vaxxed) athletes, for example, have collapsed on the field due to heart and clotting problems, and many have died, during 2021 than the total of all such incidents for the past 20 years. And the most vaccinated nations are witnessing the highest rise in yearly mortality.

– They are corrupt? No comment.

They are greedy? No comment.

They are evil? No comment.

They are wrong. Undeniably.


Sound the drums!

Light the fires!

Ring the bells!

Pound the gongs!

Write on the walls!

Whisper in candlelight!

Send messages!

The time has come.

The end time has come.

Love! Unite!

Sharpen the blade of truth! 

Steel determination!

Meet the beast!

Love! Unite!

Meet the beast!



Dartwill Aquila


The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

The Shadow of Truth

Truth shines a dependable light, but people can live in its shadow. The darkness is familiar. The light frightens. Nobles of money speak about democracy while outrageous plutocracy rages, affecting everyone everywhere. The government consists of 1%ers. In the name of democracy. They grow richer while everyone else grows poorer. As though by a law…

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Blind Sings for the Deaf

In his bestseller Mein Kampf, Hilter heatedly criticised the Nazi journalists and praised the British equivalents. The British know how to write for the people, he claimed. Our journalists just write for themselves. Power always breeds the speaking-to-themselves flocks. Ancient Greece demanded that plays about ”important” people be tragedies; serious stories. The exceptional plays dealing…

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Intellectuals’ Discreet Charm

A famous lawyer with a prestigeous pedigree and an excellent track record for exposing and opposing the pimps of power has decided to become a contender in the election circus. He is cheered on by a menagerie of the intelligentsia. One Question: We know that one rotten apple can destroy a basket of good ones.…

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