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December 28, 2021 / Fantelius

How to Kill Your Child

It’s not easy to kill your child, but it’s not as difficult as you might imagine. First of all, it need not be your first born. Second of all, you have the full support of authorized experts, whose encouraging words of fear are amplified by a full media chorus singing the glory of therapeutic obedience. You can also remind yourself that you will be lessening the burden on the health system that authorized experts have been dismantling for years. The same experts, BTW, who have been at the helm of developments while the occurrence of asthma, autism, allergies, alzheimers, brain tumors, diabetes, obesity, cancers and other maladies have skyrocketed in recent decades. This should also ease your task knowing that you will spare your child the perspective of wandering into the foggy jungle of predatory diseases.

You obviously can’t save you child from the dangerous future by depending on a corona virus to do the job for you. The chances of a child dying from these viruses are statistically zero. The only result of contracting the virus would be to strengthen their natural immune system. 

No. The best way to achieve the desired deadly outcome (and avoid any criminal charges) would be to have them injected with the experimental mRNA concoctions. Although this might not work immediately, particularly if the child is female, the chance of success is many times greater than doing nothing at all. Don’t be discouraged if myocarditis (or some other bloody inflammation) doesn’t strike within the first period after the injection. Additional injections and boosters will be offered regularly. If nothing else, the child’s immune system will be weakened with each shot. Eventually, a single seemingly harmless virus will be enough to get through the compromised immune system to enact the eternal sleep.

Of course most parents who do not wish to kill their child would never choose to have them injected with an experimental, potentially life threatening, potion to protect them from a virus that possesses no serious health threat. On the other hand, if the parents weren’t aware—informed—of the actual choice—no threat contra big threat—and they were to choose instead between being unable to view a child concert without a pass that could only be acquired by jabbing the kid, many would choose the jab. What’s a child or two compared to some extravagant entertainment?


This post was not written by Jonathan Swift


“Innocent victim is often a euphemism for victim of greed.” Dartwill Aquila


The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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