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May 16, 2022 / Fantelius

It’s an Empire, Dummy


Calling an empire a superpower is like calling a tiger a super cat. A tiger by any other name doesn’t bite less fiercely. Claiming that an empire (”superpower”) is democratic is like claiming a wolf is a vegetarian, and a protector of sheep.

An empire is a successful enterprise of conquest. It could not have become an empire otherwise. An evil empire is an oxymoron, because there is no such thing as a non-evil empire. Empires do what empires gotta do.

Empires are ruled by rulers, not leaders or representatives of the citizen subjects. The rulers are those who have accumulated the most possessions; property, resources, technology and money. Modern rulers prefer to act behind the public scene and allow their administrators to dominate center stage. The rulers promote extravagant bling-bling elections decorating the illusion of democracy. The candidates and elected officials are, with few exceptions, recruited from the top 1% of the possession accumulators, and subsidized by the rulers. Once in power, the government officials administrate public finances so that money flows from the citizen subjects to the rulers. And the few rich get richer while the many poor get poorer as though by some natural law of body politics flowing through the blood of democracy.

The media and the culture in general reinforce the illusion of legitimacy of the ruling money-oriented (imperial) order. The privileged priests of “information” preach the daily dogma of the holy WE. WE this, WE that, We, we, wheeee. We are all in this together. Me in my mansion, and you in your flat, or tent, or whatever. When I tell you what to do, you may ask, “This way or that?” And when I need to go to war, you dress in a steel hat. I sit in my five star office and watch my wealth grow fat. You tread heavily armed on foreign soil, perhaps surviving with a medal and a monkey on your back. Yes, WE is where it’s at, with most scavenging like a rat, and a few drooling like a super cat.

An empire is an empire is an empire. In a modern highly diversified empire the subjects of the emperors come in assorted flavors; servants, citizens, serfs and slaves, who are free to pay for their own food, clothing, shelter and transportation with their less than adequate compensation from slaving away at a task given to them by a fat cat. Those not lucky enough to be given the opportunity to slave away at a menial task will be rewarded the title, and suffer the fate, of useless people.

An empire is an empire.


“Champagne for a few and crumbs for the many. Was this really the plan?”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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