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May 28, 2022 / Fantelius

D(eath & Deception)-Day

The picture above shows the cover of a Swedish magazine with content supplied by a PsyOps unit in the heartland of the North-Atlantic Empire. The same picture and similar text can be found on magazine racks in airports, bus stations, small shops and kiosks in countries throughout the empire and beyond. This is one of THE stories of the moment, Remember the Good Guys!

We have no reason to doubt that the 10.000 young men who contributed their blood and lives to turn the waters red off the coast of France were good people. They were sacrificed, however, for a less-than-honorable cause.

The subtext at the bottom of the page reads, “History’s greatest land invasion was the death blow for Nazi Germany.” That is as fake as the picture of the soldier model staring over our heads on the cover. There were no bright-colored flags on the uniforms at Omaha Beach, and a greenery-decorated helmet would have been ridiculous camouflage when crawling on sand. The wedding ring is a cute touch, but hardly representative for the great majority of the boys whose lives were terminated with angry steel before ever knowing the joys of passionate love.

D-Day was not a “death blow” for Nazi Germany. Only 11 months remained of the war, and the German military machine was already fatally damaged. The Russians had destroyed the German 6th Army at Stalingrad killing or capturing 300.000 soldiers. The Russians then proceeded to demolish the other enemy armies on their soil and were about to enter Germany itself when the “good guys” were getting their first boots on the ground in the finale of the war.

Operation Overlord was designed to establish a beachhead as quickly as possible. If that meant sacrificing 1000s of young men, so be it. The operation was not intended to defeat Germany, which had as little chance of avoiding unconditional surrender at this point as a one-legged kick-boxer has of avoiding getting his ass kicked. The overlords of the empire were desperate to get to Berlin before the Russians. Another few weeks of pounding the German positions from the air and the battleship cannons, and then sending the troops ashore at night behind tanks or even metal shields on wheels would have cut losses to a minimum. But that, as with other possible tactics, would take time. Therefore the overlords bravely sacrificed a calculated number soldiers to run unprotected out of landing boats to slowly wade in thigh-deep water through a storm of machine gun bullets. None of the 100s of paratroopers reached the ground alive. As expected. They were meant to draw fire away from the troops rushing the beaches. Which they did with nominal, but deadly, effect. But hey, an overlord has to do what an overlord has to do.

This need for speed, massive military resources, and sacrifices to co-opt the victory that was being won by the Europeans in general and the Russians in particular was playing out with the same strategy, but different tactics, in the war in the East. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army had smashed the bulk of the Imperial Japanese Army on mainland China as the Russians had done with the German army in Russia. In order to prevent the Chinese from dictating the conditions of surrender, the overlords dropped Atom bombs on two Japanese cities. The justification of these bombings continue to instigate debate, while two additional, and significant, events rarely see the light.  The fire bombing of major cities, Tokyo included, had killed more people than would die in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The A-bombs were more a spectacular show than a military necessity. The other significant event, occurring after the A-bombs, is not so much a smoking gun as it is an exploding bomb highlighting the character of the “good guys”. Between Aug. 15, when Japan declared surrender, and two weeks later on Sept. 2 when the surrender was formally signed, the American Air Force conducted the largest air raid in history. In a single operation, one thousand planes bombed the cities and harbors along the entire eastern coast of Japan. How many children, mommies, lovers and grandparents were ripped, burned and crushed to death in this slaughter? I have no idea. I do know that every one of the victims were involved in celebrating the peace that had finally come to their land.*

* (Noam Chomsky supplies more details about this air raid in his book, American Power and the New Mandarins. “the new mandarins (the moneyed aristocracy/oligarchs) are dangerously arrogant, aggressive and incapable of adjusting to failure”.)

** After note: “Love your neighbor” is not an encouragement for sexual engagement, but a holy commandment to unite with those around you. Whether you are a bible fundamentalist, a devout atheist, or anything in between, you had better get together in common struggle to stop the overlords who are capable of slaughtering 100s of 1000s innocent people, but “incapable of adjusting to failure”. Or … A. BOOOOM!


“We either get together in love to defeat the lords of war,

or march toward oblivion as the obedient servants of hate.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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