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October 27, 2022 / Fantelius

Economic Aggression, Again

(A current article first published over a year ago.)

From CNBC Aug. 20, 2021. The boldface is mine:    
“The Biden administration imposed new sanctions Friday on three Russian ships and companies involved in constructing a controversial gas pipeline from Russia to Europe. The move comes as lawmakers from both parties criticize the administration for not doing enough to halt the Nord Stream 2 project.”

The word “new” tells us that these are additions to previous sanctions. Will someone please explain why the USA has the right to enforce sanctions; to punish individuals and nations economically. Where is the law, rule or authority allowing these economic aggressions? No accusations, no trial, no negotiations, no authority, no nothing.

The justification for these criminal actions claim that the victims were “involved in constructing a controversial gas pipeline”. Controversial! Controversial for who? What’s the controversy? Is it illegal to construct a gas pipeline? The Nord Steam 2 project is a legitimate commercial enterprise between independent countries? The buyers, sellers, constructors, and transporters are all law abiding entities engaged in standard business practice.

“The lawmakers from both parties (Republicans and Democrats) criticize the administration for not doing enough to halt the Nord Stream 2 project.” That translates to: The lawmakers encourage the government to break the law and stop an agreed business deal between sovereign nations.

Once again, with what right does the USA have to meddle in and punish independent countries for engaging in free enterprise?

The answer: There is no right, merely might. An empire does what empires do.

The public commentators in the shadows of the empire make no comments, because that would be controversial.


“Never underestimate small stings, or overestimate big mouths.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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