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November 5, 2022 / Fantelius

Stupid Intellectuals

Of course not all intellectuals are stupid. Some however chase simple psyops tricks with the eagerness of a dog fetching a stick. They soil themselves drooling over perception management tactics.

Case in point: A top politician’s husband was attacked by a man with a hammer. So what? This is a pseudo event. It has zero significance for anyone outside the individuals involved, regardless of the alternative versions of the incident. It’s such bullshit story, that we can be rather certain that it is staged to grab attention away from a significant event. Don’t mention the naked stranger in the bedroom, scream about little Johnny having spilled juice on his shoe.

Here is my favorite, most blatant, example of a perception management diversion tactic. 

In April, 2006, President Bush referred to himself as the decider. A circus of ridicule broke out condemning the new word. There is no such word as “decider.”  Haha ha. All the talking heads and media pundits gave their take on how the new word reflected Bush’s verbal inadequacies. A great time was had by all. “The Decider-In-Chief” (CBS News) was language challenged.

The authorities, experts and stupid intellectuals declared their ignorance of the English language. English allows for the creation of new words with the –er suffix. It is so common that hundreds of words have established themselves in this way: baker, backer, maker, packer, hunter, hacker, hiker, biker, sucker, fucker and hundreds of others. The intelligentsia jumped on the legitimate construction of “decider” like hyenas, but seemed unaware that the president was abandoning the Constitution and declaring a palace revolution. The Constitution stipulates that Congress decides and the president executes the decisions. The authors of the constitution were well aware of the dictatorial nature of a single “decider” and were explicitly clear that the president was not to be a decider. The supposed guardians of proper language not only pretended to be ignorant of a simple rule of English, they declared themselves unworthy of citizenship by neglecting to speak out about an attack on one of the fundamental laws of the nation. 

Strengthened by the lack of response to assuming a decider role, Bush could continue and even increase his use of the criticized signing statements despite the questionable legality of these emperor-like decrees. What a bonus! The decider circus just happened to occur right after his press secretary Scott McClellan resigned among rumors about the lies leading up to the invasion of Iraq, and chief of staff Scooter Libby saying that Bush approved of leaking CIA intelligence documents (treason.) Suddenly, a debate about a word wiped out inquiries about the ultimate international crime, the initiation of war, as well as throwing an act of treason into a black hole.

One doesn’t have to be an intellectual to discover bushels of diversion tactics over the years. 

Compare the volume of media coverage about an individual attacker to the anemic reporting about the documents from Pfizer revealing that the company knew that their vaccines were ineffective, and that they caused serious side-effects including death. And not only lied about their own research, but spent 100s of $millions promoting the ineffective, health-damaging, and deadly vaccines. And still do!


“Stupidity is not a crime.
Not all criminals are stupid.
Rich stupid criminals are seldom brought to justice.
Never, if their wealth is stronger than justice.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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