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December 11, 2022 / Fantelius

Democratic Cardinals

18th century painting by the Italian artist A. Landini
Possible text causing the mirth of the cardinals:
“He was born of a virgin, could walk on water, and was allowed to be tortured to death by his father for ours sins.”

For centuries the upper strata of the Catholic church lived in luxury surrounded by seas of poverty… in the name of God, or Jesus, or both along with the Holy ghost. These religious nobles assured the flock that they were fleecing that the high clergy were servants of Jesus, God’s ambassadors on earth.

Today, we have the moneyed nobles assuring the citizens, who they are ravaging, impoverishing, sickening and killing, that they are administrators of democracy. Jesus! It makes me long for the old time religion when sinners were cured with flying stones.

Unfortunately, today’s citizens are not even allowed to throw verbal stones, which are labeled misinformation if they contradict the decrees of the nobles of democracy. Not to mention what could happen to a citizen who throws satire at holy superstition.


“Call it God or call it Democracy, if it’s not the holy force of truth and love in the service of humanity,
it’s the Prince of Greed in the service of injustice.”

Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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