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December 29, 2022 / Fantelius

Dement God and The Holy Force

The God who ruled over paradise demanded that the only two people follow one rule, “Do not bite into the fruit of knowledge.” God promised protection as long as they trusted his authority and remain obedient and ignorant. But he forgot to warn about the misinformers. One such creature, who was close to grass roots, got the couple to taste knowledge. They discovered sex and never tried to return to paradise. 

In the sexy real world, the population grew beyond control. God felt the need to favor one group. This racist decision didn’t turn out so well, and he was replaced by his son, who was born of a virgin, could walk on water, and allowed himself to be tortured to death for people’s sins so that he could rise again to become his own father in heaven. He continues to receive prayers to cure the sick and bless lottery tickets. This God who is all powerful and everywhere appears to be dement. He seems to have forgotten people and has wandered off somewhere. No one can say where. A sky littered with satellites seems an unlikely location for a heavenly abode. 

The unholy (sacrilegious/satirical) description above does not contradict the “facts” of the Bible. On the contrary, it parodies the biblical style of documentation where each translation or explanation tweaks the message. The miracles described in the holy BOOK, for example, are, in truth, miraculous beliefs. 

Let’s start with “virgin birth.” Dozens of cultures throughout the ages have used this expression to mean a first birth, a position of special significance; God’s favorite with a free pass to inherit property or throne. Even today virgin carries a definition of “someone who has never experienced a particular activity or been to a particular place.” (Macmillan Dictionary)  The Titanic ran into a sold cold obstacle on its virgin voyage. 

Metaphors promoted to live miracles function as shields to defend believers, whether religious or otherwise. The ability to “walk on water” was a common metaphor a couple of thousand of years ago to compliment those considered extremely spiritual. This is a form of an exaggeration metaphor that can be found in all languages. A horseradish, for example, is as big as a horse (exaggeration), not a radish produced by a horse. The “water-walkers” possessed so little body in comparison to their airy spirituality, that they could walk above the ground or upon a body of water. Jesus and Buddha were two such figures.

“Son of God” is another metaphor used generously at the time of Jesus to praise an eloquent prophet. Calling Jesus THE son of God rather than A son of God tells us a great deal about Jesus, but doesn’t justify destroying the metaphor to produce a superstition. 

Claiming that Jesus died for our sins, or that he rose again to become his father, is not a metaphor but an apology; that is to say, an explanation to patch a fracture in the story. When questioned why God allowed his son to be tortured to death, the authorities explained (apologized) that this was to atone for our sins. I guess that people were so happy to hear that their sins were deleted, that they failed to ask, “Was inflicting long and horrible pain on his son the only method this all-powerful, all-wise, loving God could come up with?”

Homo sapiens have always searched for a spiritual center to anchor their existence and establish core values. God and Allah are two surviving names for this spiritual search. The religions that they represent are shedding believers the way a dement individual sheds orientation of reality. These beliefs came about in a flat world at the center of the universe. It’s time for an update; time to continue the search for a supreme force in light of more than a thousand years of new information. The time is ripe to crack the fixation of the believers and puncture the arrogance of the atheists. It’s time to get real.

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“One died for our sins?
100s of millions die because of our sins.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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