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October 31, 2014 / Fantelius

Big News, Clown News, No News



Sweden recognizes the state of Palestine.
The commentator clowns jam the traffic of communication,
discuss the Israeli elephant walking out of the tent,
words tumble and dance a rumble
serious smiles read well phrased insignificance
moving pictures in color spiced with sound
a great circus
a show
about a Palestine state that doesn’t exist
distracting, distracting, distracting
from the Palestinian people
struggling to persist
while Egyptian tanks evict 10 000 inmates of Gaza
to tear down homes for a buffer zone
while Israeli police evict Palestinians of Jerusalem
and devour ever more territory to house Zionista fanatics
shooting teenage boys along the way.
When will Sweden recognize the people of Palestine?
Their right to exist,
to receive guests at their shores,
medicine for the wounds
water for their thirst
justice for their souls?
When will they recognize the right to move
without going through humiliating check-points?
When will Sweden recognize the crimes of Israel?
The big news that is no news
talks about the slimy hypocrites
pretending to help ”the state of Palestine”
while participating in the extermination of Palestinians.


“Their level of morality lies just below shark shit
at the bottom of the darkest ocean.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. camelien / Oct 31 2014 12:01 pm

    Complicit ‘MSM’ propagates airwaves with propaganda and rhetoric luring and trapping the consciousness of the unsuspecting conditioned masses into accepting contrived webs of deceit.

    • Fantelius / Nov 1 2014 8:22 am

      Thanks for the excellent review of the picture.

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