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November 2, 2014 / Fantelius

It Doesn’t Look, Smell or Taste Like Chickenshit

The corporate media, aka msm (mainstream media), is singing “Chickenshit Netanyahu” with all the surprise and extravagance of a flash mob at the mall. But the stink isn’t chickenshit, more like an old elephant with diarrhea. What’s going on?

We can start with media basics. Nothing gets to dance center stage in the media spotlight unless the producers of the show write it into the script. Why this chickenshit theater all of a sudden? The smoking gun (or a pile of smoking shit) comes from an undisclosed “senior US government official”. No newspaper with more than two grams of integrity would print such a quote without a source. Any undisclosed anybody can say anything. It’s not news and it doesn’t qualify for print. We should also note that the supposed statement originated from a hack whose journalistic reputation squats lower than a barnyard gossip.
Besides, US government officials say a lot worse about Israel’s prime minstrel all the time. Chickenshit smells like a flower compared to the other names Bibi has been called.

So what’s going on? I don’t know. I’m certain that the show is staged, but I don’t know why. Were I to take a wild guess, I’d say that Netanyahu is about to become chicken soup. The Israelis are so sick that they’ll probably swallow it. We’ll all see shortly. Till then, try to look backstage and don’t go sniffing any chickenshit.


“Never underestimate the quality of illusion in the land of Hollywood.”
Dartwill Aquila





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  1. camelien / Nov 2 2014 1:03 pm

    Best comment to date regarding that “chickenshit” rouse hysteria perpetuated by MSM. Considering you’ve tagged your witty but honest post referencing media rhetoric as “elephant diarrhea,” am again contentedly amazed by your ‘insight’ inspiring those potent texts you publish nailing the current Israeli political hypocrisy deservedly where it lies. Write on!

    • Fantelius / Nov 2 2014 1:41 pm

      Thanks Camelien, but I post missed a vital organ. Although the chickenshit is truly bullshit, my wild guess is fatally wrong. Stay tuned for the next post.

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