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November 3, 2014 / Fantelius

B-shit, C-shit and Toxic Turd

Yesterday I wrote about the media circus where the pundit clowns perform their Chickenshit Netanyahu act of diversion. I missed the obvious. Chickenshit means coward and that etiquette does not apply to Netanyahu. Typical for msm, the word was discussed wildly, wildly out of context. Why was Netanyahu considered to be a coward? The ”quality” news sources didn’t discuss that, only the fact that he was called a coward with a vulgar word.

Netanyahu is definitely not a coward, a chickenshit. He goes fearlessly forward murdering thousands of people, destroying homes, schools, hospitals, water supplies and mosques in total disregard of international laws or UN declarations. He bravely confiscates the homes of innocent people and steals territory to expand his own. Courageously he launches the purest lies and spreads bitter hatred. Without a quiver of hesitation he drapes himself in monumental hypocrisy. There is nothing chickenshit about Israel’s Prime Minstrel. He doesn’t even fear hell where he will surely go. Perhaps he knows that he will be a celebrity there. Even Satan will want his autograph.

So why the big show? As usual, it was a diversion, perception management. While the show was capturing all the attention, Israel and Egypt where attacking, battering, stealing and killing the already battered, damaged, weak and practically defenseless Palestinians. Again. Israel was taking bigger and bigger chunks of land for settlements and throwing people out of there homes in Jerusalem while shooting any rock-throwing teenager that they could get in their sights.

At the same time Egypt was and is tearing down 800 homes along the Gaza border displacing 10 000 people and sending them to a life of desperation. Like their Israeli brothers in crime, the Egyptians claim to be doing this to build a buffer zone as an act of defense. They might get away with that bullshit if they build the buffer zone on their own territory. Their heartless act falls clearly under the definition of the war crime of collective punishment. Thousands of civilians must suffer severely to show that no opposition to Egypt’s aggression will be tolerated.

If you read about the buffer zone crime in the msm you will surely see the following sentence with little variation: ”Egypt has the right to use a buffer zone along its borders with Gaza to boost security, but should also be concerned about the impact on local communities, the United States said Thursday.”

”the United States said”! The US is a country and cannot say anything. But no person, would put their name to that bullshit. Of course it has the right to ”a buffer zone along its borders”, but not along Gaza’s borders and definitely no right to destroy the homes of thousands of innocent families.

What has been done and is being done to the Palestinians slices through every piece of decency, justice, compassion, law, honor, moral and righteousness. The crimes are so obvious, vicious and extensive that no one in any position of authority can pretend to be anything other than money’s whore if they don’t speak out against it. No one! Not one single government official anywhere in the world, can claim any moral authority while allowing the crimes against the Palestinian people to go unopposed.

These moral hypocrites who condemn IS or terrorists or Boko Haram and any other group, but fail to condemn the tormentors, suppressors and murderers of the Palestinians are worse than bullshit or chickenshit which can at least be used as fertilizer. These people are worse than useless. They’re toxic turds, poisonous substances contaminating mother earth.


“A dying leaf has more dignity that an empire of honored hypocrites.”
Dartwill Aquila




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  1. camelien / Nov 3 2014 11:15 am

    ‘MSM’ complicity spreads partisan manure of the monomaniacal-mania of Israel on one side with the current extremist ruling militaristic authority of Egypt on another that greatly enhances unlawful growth of both their borders in aide of the ongoing deadly hypocrisy robbing Palestinian land and resources and killing its people; crudely referred to as “Mowing the lawn in Palestine.” What a colossal miscarriage of justice and human rights.

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