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November 4, 2014 / Fantelius

The Gods of Democracy

Voting shows that you believe in democracy. Democracy (= rule of the majority) is easy between three people, but involves a highly complicated process on a national level. It requires many years and voting is one tiny part of the process. Equating voting with democracy makes as much sense as equating a kiss with the process of producing a child.

Exceptionally, for specific issues at a local level, voting can make a difference. Generally, at a national level, and especially in a highly unequal society, voting creates an illusion of democracy where none exists. It’s a spectacle put on by a tiny, vulgarly wealthy group running the show.


“Voting in a plutocracy/oligarchy
is a confession of ignorance
and a pledge of obedience
to the people in charge.”

Dartwill Aquila




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