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November 22, 2015 / Fantelius

Helpful Boomers


Painting by C. Goebel, 1881.

The US and its vassal states invaded Afghanistan to capture O b Laden. Despite the greatest surveillance and information gathering apparatus in history, they couldn’t find this dialysis patient who slipped away (with a dialys-machine under his arm?) and continued to evade them for ten years. They stayed in Afghanistan anyway killing, maiming, torturing, destroying and imprisoning Afghanis to help them. They are still there after 14 years to continue with their help.

They then invaded Iraq to prevent them from using weapons of mass destruction that they didn’t have, and engaged in killing, maiming, torturing, destroying and imprisoning Iraqis to help them. They still are. Boom!

Libya was also helped. Boom! Homes and villages in Pakistan and Sudan were helped with hellfire booms to eliminate suspected militants. They still are.

Yemen is also a source of their help but the actual killing, maiming, torturing, destroying and imprisoning has been out-sourced to the helpful Saudi boomers.

They decided that the Syrians shouldn’t have a leader that US doesn’t approve of so boom, boom and double boom!

This is a very slim sketch of events behind which lie nearly 2 million dead and many millions of homeless and devastated people. Please notice the nearly incalculable destruction in the background. Aside from this sketch, the eight documented wedding parties and two hospitals that were willfully boomed tells us almost everything we need to know about these helpful Americans and their vassals. I said ”almost everything” because you should know about Israel as well.

Israel, the foremost outpost of the US, and its vassal states, has been killing, maiming, torturing, destroying and imprisoning Palestinians for nearly 70 years and continue to do so. Boom! They were terrorizing before the word terror came into fashion. Just last month 73 Palestinians were killed, more than 2000 injured and over 1000 imprisoned. Boom!

Now we learn that these obsessive boomers must get serious and increase their booming because the ”perverted and barbaric” IS/Daesh is threatening them.

”Perverted and barbaric” are merely two of the many horrible labels that the helpful US require everyone to use when mentioning Daesh. Everyone complies suspecting that they will be helped with a boom if they don’t. Everyone also complies with the unmentioned rule not to mention the rule, Thou shall not boom!


We don’t know who usually sits in the armchair in the painting above, but judging by the picture of his wife above the bed, he must be a loving person.



“When the serial killer rapist was scratched by a victim who managed to escape, the authorities promised to hunt down the vicious scratcher and bring her to justice.”
Dartwill Aquila




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