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November 29, 2016 / Fantelius

Great Revolutionaries Rang the Bell of Love

When the Beatles sang All You Need is Love they struck at commercial interests and sent them reeling. The message of love was exemplified with hair styles that were not styles and outrageous clothes that ridiculed the fashion industry. Appearance lost value while love stocks soared. The dictates of the fashionistas and trend commendantes found fewer and fewer ears. Forget the trimmings, all you need is love. It worked. The youth walked on petals of flower power in comfortable shoes with hair growing naturally wild. They wore recycled clothes adorned with homemade beads and naked smiles. Love had knocked fashion to its knees. Consumerism was bleeding. Panic spread through the corridors of power.

Corporate power survived and struck back with vengeance. Not only did fashion, beauty contests and high-heel shoes make a comeback, skin had to be decorated and pierced and body parts surgically enhanced. The dancers and lovers in fields and parks became herds roaming the shopping centers.

Progress, I guess, means hiding love under a designer-brand logo.

“Have you noticed that the heating of the atmosphere
parallels floods of texting
and increased dried-up relationships.”
Dartwill Aquila




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