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January 24, 2017 / Fantelius

Text, Stone, Gandhi & Me


Consuming the msm, big newspapers, publications, radio and TV news reports, will structure the mind along the avenues of perspective shared by the ruling powers. A mind so structured trusts the communications it’s fed and prides itself on being well-informed. Anyone questioning the quality or veracity of the prestigious sources of ”information” disqualifies themselves as being a heretic of conventional wisdom.

Let us look at a typical example of disinformation sold as rock solid information.

A few years ago Time magazine ran a story on an earlier article in Life magazine. Time and Life enjoy the status of bishops in media hierarchy. Under the title:
Gandhi and His Spinning Wheel: The Story Behind an Iconic Photo

Gandhi, the spinning wheel, the photo and the photographer are discussed.
The only explanation of the significance of the spinning wheel is given thusly:

[Gandhi] spins every day for 1 hr. beginning usually at 4. All members of his ashram must spin. He and his followers encourage everyone to spin. …  Spinning is raised to the heights almost of a religion with Gandhi and his followers. The spinning wheel is sort of an Ikon to them. Spinning is a cure all, and is spoken of in terms of the highest poetry.

Nowhere can we read the reason for this ”almost religious Ikon”. The spinning wheel served as a key weapon in the struggle for independence. It drove the main tactic of boycotting British goods. Cloth and clothing played a major economic role for the imperial occupiers. Indians were encouraged to spin their own cloth and avoid British-made textiles. Spinning wasn’t a cure all, but a method for all people to take part in the struggle for individual, spiritual and political independence.

Time/Life didn’t miss this information about the spinning wheel as an oversight. They have no intention of putting weapons in the hands of their readers. Politically and spiritually independent readers threaten them because such people would not tolerate a system where a tiny group of plutocrates controlled and suppressed the great majority of citizens.

This is but one example of disinformation posing as information. Critical analysis would expose the overwhelming majority of standard msm ”news” as belonging in the disinformation class.

Here at System Humanity, Fantelius, Dartwill and Me encourage people to strike at the profits of the plutocrats, the rulers, by avoiding their products. We promote steering clear of sodas  as a key tactic (see Captain Kate on Water at the top). There are thousands of other tactics and products. Unfortunately, all too many people, despite their intelligence, but because of their officially structured minds, prefer the more dramatic tactics of trying to speak truth to power through demonstrations.

Look where it’s gotten them so far.


“Miracles flow like sweat and dance like laughter
from the struggle of a united people.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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