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January 26, 2017 / Fantelius

Diarrhea As Rose Cream


Vicious, degenerate, murderous
performs savage crimes for 70 years
supported and protected by ”democracies”.
Representatives of ”democracies”,
spotlessly clothed manicured identities
with well-trained smiles
and blood-splattered souls,
spit poison words
to muffle screams of anguish and torture
and sell diarrhea as rose cream.

Flames of injustice compete with the sun
while the smoke of lies shadow the light.

Put your heart against the earth.
Feel the pulse of Palestinian blood
flowing under the discourse
in the ”democracies”.
Smell the salt of tears
spicing the air of fragrant words
weaving evil speeches.
Taste the thistles
growing on uprooted olive orchids.
Look into the darkness of prisons
crueler than the fear of a caged 14-year old.
Watch a rock bounce off an armored vehicle
and cause a bullet
to rip through the back, bone, lung and muscle
of a despair-blinded teenager.
Bang your head against a concrete wall
that neither wails
or whispers of freedom.
Cough on the dust of a demolished home
and clutch the keys to a house
that no longer exists
because chosen people
were chosen to live on its bulldozed memory
by people who choose
to treat real kin
as real enemies
in the service of a false god
upon a golden calf

while the representatives of ”democracies”
— rats, roaches, weasels and wolves —
cry about being forced to take bribes
to support and protect
vicious, degenerate murderers
because they would lose
their ability to take bribes
if they didn’t.

It’s the fault of the savage little bribers
that our great imperial dragon
— sitting in the lap of a golden calf —
encourages our prestigious spinelessness
to keep the bribes.
Take instead the people’s money
and give it to our weapon dealers
toasting the genocide of Palestinians
from billion dollar glasses
filled with aid



“Blood transports iron.
Determination refines it to steel.”
Dartwill Aquila



The West Bank is now the Judea-Samaria area.

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